Salem High School Alumni Assoc. honoring armed forces members

The Salem High School Alumni Association has undertaken a project to honor its alumni who have served or are now serving in the armed forces.

The association website,, offers a section displaying submitted military information about Salem High School alumni. Included are the branch and years of service, discharge date, duties, education, training, assignments, major awards, and decorations. This information can be reviewed and searched.

“The association is proud of the rich military experience of our alumni. We designed the site to allow for easy reading and searching so that our members can admire the distinguished careers and accomplishments of both our veterans and our active duty servicemen and servicewomen,” said Dr. Peter Apicella, website designer.

There is currently information from more than 80 men and women from all branches of military service dating back to the 1930s.

Alumni or their family members are encouraged to submit their military information. Simply visit the site and click on the military icon. Apicella suggests, “This is a great way to remember and keep alive the memories of the military alumni from our school.”

The alumni association continues to expand the military section. Recently, with cooperation from the Salem Public Library and the Salem News, the website added a scrapbook of Salem News articles detailing the heroics and sacrifices made by Salem alumni during World War II.

In addition to the military section, the association website chronicles the organization’s history, offers information on alumni, reunions, other events, and scholarships, and provides a century of Salem High School yearbooks and Quaker newspapers.