Having fun at McKinley Elementary with new Gaga pit

McKinley Elementary in Lisbon has a new Gaga pit on the playground thanks to Laurie Sauerwein, physical education teacher. Sauerwein wrote a proposal for the Bonnie Hoppel grant through the Coordinated Action for School Health Coalition. Her proposal was selected and funded and the structure was built on the playground over the summer. The Gaga pit is used to play Gaga ball, a game that is a modified version of dodgeball. It’s a striking game in which students use teamwork, cooperation and communication to bend over and hit a ball directed at other student’s legs below the wall of the pit. Get hit by the ball and you’re out. The popular game is taking hold in the United States and the students at McKinley flock to it on the playground and also play an indoor version in physical education classes. (Submitted photo)