Incredible Kid Day set March 21

Nationwide Camp Fire is asking adults to tell kids and teens in their lives how incredible they are on March 21. Camp Fire founded Absolutely Incredible Kid Day in 1997 to activate millions of adults across the U.S. to write/tell a young person in their life what makes them incredible. Adults are asked to send notes, emails, texts, letters to encourage and inspire young people. Visit – click on kid – to access AIKD letterhead to print for letter writing. Camp Fire members are celebrating Camp Fire’s birthday week March 17 to 23. From left, front row, Grace Knepper, Giada Circelli, Kayden Edmond, Olivia Miller, Emma McCune; back row, Aubrey Russell and Mave Hasson. For information about Camp Fire’s programs, call 330-385-0645. Camp Fire is a United Way Agency. (Submitted photo)