Evening R-Weigh holds recognition dinner

SALEM — The Evening R-Weigh Recognition dinner was held at the First Friends Church on May 6. Chicken was provided by the club and the members all brought a cover dish. The table hostesses were Colleen Wafler, Ruth Miller, Patty Hartman, Ruth Ann Hall, Janel Anderson and Susan Cain, using gardens and flowers for the theme. Eleanor Bilsky (brought by her niece, Paula) and Vicki Knizak were able to come. They both had been sick for quite a while and unable to come to the meetings.

Rosemarie Martinez welcomed everyone, prayer was offered and the members ate their dinner. The evening then began with the R-Weigh prayer and the Fellowship song. Joan Schafer recognized the officers. She had written poems about each one. Co-Leaders were Rosemarie Martinez and Linda Lude, Eugenia Tullis (Birdie Reinhart assistant secretary) and Patty Pim. Bookkeeper was Chris Learn, Prayer Ruth Miller (also contests and weight recorder), Inspiration Peggy Kurtz, Flowers Lisa Smith, Sunshine Jane Shaffer, Christmas Party Planner Birdie Reinhart, Weight Recorders Janel Anderson, Chris Learn and Patty Hartman. Assistant weight recorders were Susan Cain, Colleen Wafler and Gina Zepernick.

There were envelopes given out with their poems and money. Linda Lude read a poem that she wrote, then all sang.

Chris Learn then gave awards to those who were goalies and how long they had been. The longest was Ruth Miller 31 years, Patty Hartman 22 years, JoCarol Gray 15 years, Linda Lude 13 years, Janel Anderson 11 years, Peggy Kurtz and Lisa Smith 10 years, Eleanor Bilsky and Jessie Rea nine years, Ruth Ann Hall seven years, Sharon Bigalow and Eugenia Tullis five years, Rita Cecil four years and Nancy Stryrffeler one year. They all got monetary rewards. All other members received money also.

The table decorations were won by Vicki Knizat, Linda Eidel, Patty Hartman, Nancy Stryrffeler and Rosemarie Martinez. Other garden decorations were won by Birdie Reinhart, Jane Shaffer, Sharon Bigalow, Eugenia Tullis, Marion Doerr, Doris Senior, Eleanor Bilsky and Rita Cecil.

Patty Hartman led the singing of “Lean on Me” and Ruth Miller closed with prayer.

The meeting of May 13 was held at the First Friends Church, with the meeting being called to order by Rosemarie Martinez. Susan Cain led the group with the R-Weigh prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The song “Music, Music, Music” was led by Linda Lude. Eugenia Tullis prayed for family and friends and gave the secretary’s report. Patty Pim gave the treasurer’s report and told a joke. Rosemarie read a Mother’s Day poem written by Linda Lude about her mother, Virginia Marie Jones.

The best loser on May 6 in Group 1 was Jeanne Munnell and Group 2 the best loser was Doris Senior, with runner ups Linda Eidel, Vicki Knizak and Birdie Reinhart. Goalie best loser was JoCarol Gray and with runner up being Ruth Ann Hall.

There were 22 members to weigh in. The group lost a total of 12.5 pounds for the week. Honorable mention went to Rhonda Moffett, Patty Pim and Lois Wood. Group 2 honorable mention went to Pauline Zirkle and Darlene Murino. Goalie good loser were Ruth Miller and Jessie Rea. Jeannie Munnell lost during her vacation and also for four weeks in a row.

There were no winners in the May 6’s regular Can Do contest. The winner in the goalie Can Do contest was Rita Cecil. The were no winners in the May 13 regular Can Do Contest, so next week it will be $8. Goalie Can Do winner for May 13 was Ruth Miller.

Calorie Chart Winners for May 6 week were Birdie Reinhart and Jeanne Munnell. Goalie calorie chart winners was JoCarol Gray. The May 13 Calorie Chart winners were Jeanne Munnell and Pauline Zirkle. Goalie winners in the Calorie Chart contests were Peggy Kurtz and Jessie Rea.

Inspiration by Peggy Kurtz was on “Don’t let yesterday’s failures bankrupt tomorrows efforts.”

“I control my emotions and don’t let my emotions control me. You get there by taking one step at a time and one meal at a time. You need to make changes, take time and persevere. Set up an eating plan and set small goals. Goalies have to work as hard as they did before they reached their goal.”

Those who won on the Tweeters team were Lois Wood, Rhonda Moffett, Jessie Rea, Darlene Murino, Birdie Reinhart and Ruth Miller. The Hopper winners were Nancy Stryrffeler and Patty Pim. The Peepers winners were Pauline Zirkle, JoCarol Gray, Joan Schafer, Peggy Kurtz and Jeanne Munnell.

New members are welcome, weigh ins are from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. with the meeting starting at 6 p.m. on Monday evenings at the First Friends Church on Jennings Avenue.


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