Lisbon fifth-graders show flair for science fair

Front row, from left, Abigail Ammon, Kendra Bosel, Emma Everett, Khloe Wedberg, Colt Tullis, Lucas Brown, Wyatt Brothers; back row, from left, Troy Burlingame, Ben Weber, Ellie Bibbee, Madelyn Marshalek, Kadence Dunn, Josh Mackey and Marcus Miller. (Submitted photo)

LISBON — McKinley Elementary School fifth-grade students, under the direction of the science teacher Natalie Lindesmith, competed in the Lisbon Exempted Village Schools McKinley Elementary Science Fair.

The students chose a project and used the scientific method to complete it which is a required standard of fifth-grade science.

Thirty-three outside judges throughout the county were brought in to evaluate the projects. The students presented their projects to the judges and were asked questions. They were judged on their scientific methods, their presentation and response to the questions. The project winners were chosen in the categories of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth & Space Science.

The Judge’s Choice is a project that all judges voted as the best overall project/presentation in all categories.

This year’s winners are

Physical Science:

First Place: Khloe Weberg and Emma Everett, “Which Activator Makes Slime Stretchiest?”

First Place : Colt Tullis, “Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Weight of a Pop Can?”

Second Place: Ben Weber and Troy Burlingame, “No Bones About It.”

Third Place: Nicholas Ketchum, “What Can Block a Wifi Signal?”

Honorable Mention: Ellie Bibbee, “Kimichi Chemistry.”

Life Science:

First Place: Kadence Dunn and Madelyn Marshalek, ” Hydroponic vs. Soil.”

Second Place: Abigail Ammon and Kendra Bosel, “Apple Rotting Experiment.”

Third Place: Marcus Miller, “Rotting Apples.”

Honorable Mention: Lucas Brown, “Who Will Mold First.”

Earth & Space Science:

First Place: Josh Mackey, “Solar Project.”

Judges Choice: Wyatt Brothers, “Solenoid Engine.”