Real Estate Transfers

Butler Township

Marcus Keck to Kevin Gentile, home on Valley Road; $123,000

Center Township

G. Randall Vulcan, et al, to David and Annettee Norris, 4.7 acres on Adams Road; $11,150

William T. Lewis to Charlotte Alicea-Haifley, structures and 3.5 acres on Hunters Camp Road; $87,000.


Rosalie and James McGovern III to Karen Cyrus, home on Timberline Drive; $172,000

Joshua Dickey, et al, to Bryan Khan and Christopher Simmon, home on East Friend Street; $129,999

James and Kimberly Crump to John and Veronica O’Neill, 1 acre on Edgewood Drive; $4,000.

East Liverpool

William White Jr. to Quicken Loans, home on Park Avenue; $21,167

Frank Fisher Jr. to Brian and Monica Kerr, home at 745 St. Clair Avenue; $7,500.

Linda and Frank Fisher Jr. to Brian and Monica Kerr, home at 749 St. Clair Ave.; $7,500.

Charles Brereton to Dale White Jr., two lots on Norton Street; $500.

East Palestine

Bonnie Novak and Christine Sultan to Lucas Cope and Logan Gatchel, home on Thomas Street; $60,000

Lisa Elder to Mark Schantz, home on East Grant Street; $126,500.

Paul Cope to Mark and Patrice Safreed, 0.5 acre lot on Champagne Court; $19,900.

Elkrun Township

Carol Rhodes to Stefan Guy, home and 1.6 acres on state Route 45; $125,000

Robert and Alisha Auer to American Mill Services, 3.5 acres on Bell Road; $23,000

Fairfield Township

Aaron Stewart to Donald Muir Jr., et al, home and 0.6 acres on Metz Road; $124,000

Franklin Township

Sandra Samora and William Weber to Milltree Properties, 12 acres on Gavers Road; $60,000.

Hanover Township

Karen Keir to James and Marie Kennedy, home on Hanna Drive; $200,000

Knox Township

Mildred Marshall to Black Stone Performance Farms, 37 acres and farm buildings on Mountz Road; $247,500.

Rachael Davis to Homeworth Industries, home on Main Street; $7,500.


Dale Riehl to Jordan Cox, home on East High Street; $87,500.

Arnold Dickey Jr. to Catherine Stephens, home on Thomas Road; $112,900.

Liverpool Township

Kim Nusser to Tylor Backus and Melissa Ross, home on Broadview Circle; $120,000.

Middleton Township

James and Marie Kennedy to Donovan and Tana Snyder, home and 5.1 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $210,000

Danny Wengerd, et al, to Allen and Sandra Mackall, two lots on Yuma Trail; $5,000.

Perry Township

Carrington Mortgage Services to Douglas Bobovnyik, home and 1.1 acres at 2092 Shamrock Arbor; $197,600

Mohamed Masry to Kyle and Angela Schumacher, home on Highland Avenue; $189,900.

Laurie Fast to Sandra Herman, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $67,500.

Tracy Shephard to Lance Smith, condominium on Somerset Drive; $116,500

Gary Paxson to Terry and Connie Leek, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $140,500.

John Adams to Robert Hodory, property on Lake Avenue; $6,500.


Bricker Land LLC to Porter Marshall Holdings, 0.4 acres on Bricker Farm Lane; $25,000.

Tony Ieropoli to Scott Hart, home on Oak Street; $115,000.

Amy Weber to Michael Miller, home on West Third Street; $60,000.

Salem Township

Larry Rhoads to Raymond and Caroline Stone, 16 acres on Salem Grange Road; $32,000.

St. Clair Township

David Bailey, et al, to David Bailey Jr., mobile home and property on McCoy Avenue; $30,150.

Donna Farnsworth to Joseph and Traci Reese, farm buildings on 17 acres on on Stuart Road; $50,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Stagecoach Road; $59,900.

Donna Tatgenhorst to Kayla and Tim Jividen, two lots on Warren Avenue; $3,200.

Helen Russell to Kim and Jamie Nusser, condominium on Sprucevale Road; $141,000.

William Cole II to Alvan Thompson, manufactured home on Sunset Drive; $40,000.

Washington Township

Amanda Tedeschi to Annette Ice, home and 2.2 acres on Steubenville Pike; $24,000.

Wayne Township

James Junkins to Charlie Stoffel, structures and 5.1 acres on Laughlin Road; $40,000.


Sherrie Allen to Arica Douglas, home on Chester Avenue; $15,000.

Kevin Green to William Morgan, home on Clark Avenue; $40,000.

First Methodist Church to Williamson Group, home on Main Street; $34,900.

Yellow Creek Township

Scott Miller and Amy Durbin to Amy Allen, home on state Route 39; $22,500