Alliance man: Fake check used to buy 4-wheeler

ALLIANCE – An Alliance area man reported another man bought a four-wheeler off of him using a fake cashier’s check in the transaction.

In a report filed with the Columbiana County sheriff’s office, Cody Baker, Homeworth Road, reported on Saturday that shortly after selling his four-wheeler – identified in the report only as Derek- and receiving a $3,500 Fifth Third Bank cashier check from him, another man contacted him.

The second man told him Derek had just approached him about buying the four-wheeler. The second man said he has had dealings with Derek before and the last time the second man bought a four-wheeler from him it was later confiscated by the police because it had been stolen.

The second man had found Baker’s name on Craig’s List using the information given to him about the four-wheeler Derek was trying to resell.

Baker contacted the bank and learned that the cashier’s check, which had appeared legitimate, was in fact a fake.