Deputies found woman in barn Tuesday

LISBON – Delores Pahanish, Miller Road, Leetonia, was reportedly on her neighbor’s property the afternoon before the court trial where she was convicted of criminal trespassing in County Municipal Court on Wednesday.

According to sheriff’s reports, Heidi Scott, Miller Road, reported at 3:22 p.m. Tuesday her neighbor had returned again to her property and was inside her barn, which lies on the property line. The neighbor, identified as Pahanish, reportedly had placed stakes into the ground with pink ribbon on them, claiming to know where the property line was located. A pink ribbon was found attached to the barn door also.

Deputies explained to Pahanish that she needs to have a proper survey done in order to determine the property line, but she claimed she could put them there herself because she knew where they used to be located.

Pahanish was in County Municipal Court the next day where she was found guilty of criminal trespassing for being in the neighbor’s barn on a previous occasion. At that point, Judge Mark Frost ordered the 83-year-old Pahanish not to return to within 50 feet of the barn in the future or face 30 days in jail.

As of Thursday evening, Pahanish had not violated Judge Frost’s order, according to the sheriff’s department.