Butler Township

Clifford Eckhart to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on U.S. Route 62; $70,000.

East Liverpool

Cathy Hudson to Sandy Joy, home on Mulberry Street; $14,400.

Michael Savors to American Built Custom Pallets, home on Gardendale Street; $31,000.

Marie and Max Ace Jr. to Dorsey and Joan Stowers, home on Grant Street; $15,000.

East Palestine

County Sheriff (Lawrence Schlicher) to Fannie Mae, home on Lyon Avenue; $12,000.

EH Pooled Investments to Matt and Tonya Cain, home on Ashley Lane; $79,900.

County Sheriff (Darryl and Linda Davis) to Ronald Fuller Jr., et al, home on Alice Street; $29,000.

Bank of New York to SJH Investments, duplex on North Sumner Street; $25,699.

Hanover Township

Marilyn Humphrey, et al, to William Humphrey, et al, 121 acres on McCann Road; $425,305.

Knox Township

Richard and Leona Stoller to Michael Rice, et al, home on Lake Street; $36,000.


Nancy Bloor, et al, to Angela Cerrone, home on Main Street; $37,800.

Perry Township

Joseph Kocish Jr. to Bruce Campbell, et al, home on Allen Drive; $75,000.

Mary Loudon, trustee, to Donald Rock, et al, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $142,500.

Joseph Mong to James and Patricia Roberts, 7 acres on Benton Road; $20,350.


Bradley Bonam to George Norris III, et al, home on New Garden Avenue; $54,900.

Joseph Vogelhuber Jr., et al, to Ann Greenisen, condominium on Maple Avenue; $75,000.

Robert and Kristina Yuhanick to Jerilyn Barber, home on Beechwood Avenue; $138,000.


Fannie Mae (Chase Bettis, et al) to Jesse Ketchum, home on West Main Street; $14,500.

June Earl to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, home on Jefferson Street (foreclosure); $25,700.

St. Clair Township

Helen Chaffins to Bradley Gilson, et al, home on Y & O Road; $45,000.

Bert Dawson, et al, to Joseph Asset Management Co., commercial property on St. Clair Avenue; $385,000.

County Sheriff (William and Patricia Sines) to Michael and Tammy Arthur, home and 2.6 acres on state Route 267; $55,000.

Washington Township

East Ohio Properties to Dylan and Christina Bach, home and 6 acres on McGavern Road; $135,000.


Butler Township

County Sheriff (Mary Warrington) to Golden H Acres LLC., home and 8.5 acres on Depot Road; $157,500.

Shawn Wright, et al, to Kevin Cronin, home and 5 acres on Hartley Road; $172,000.

Kenneth Votaw to Michael Emmons, et al, 2.6 acres on Misty Morning Lane; $30,000.

Center Township

County Sheriff (Joel Piersol) to FHLMC, manufactured home and land on Freeman Road; $40,000.

Carole Bricker to Triple Crown Energy, mineral rights to 39 acres on Saltwell Road; $74,751.


Richard Fox to Mark Hutson, et al, attorney office on Terra Verde Avenue; $55,000.

Jeremy Gomoll to Melissa Wellington, home on Apache Lane; $160,000.

Sandra Beiling, trustee, to Alan Witt, et al, home on Quincy Avenue; $90,000.

Louis Wuckovich Jr., et al, to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Manor Drive; $95,000.

East Liverpool

Chad Tatgenhorst, et al, to Robert Tatgenhorst Jr., et al, partial interest in commercial property (Doris’s Beauty and Tanning Salon) on Lisbon Street: $29,775.

Troy Gamble, et al, to U.S. Bank National Association (foreclosure), home on Ohio Avenue; $6,000.

Mary Cupp to James Schweizer, home on Jefferson Street; $23,900.

Julia Woods to Jason Call, et al, home on Avondale Street; $16,000.

County Sheriff (Mark DeSarrro) to Home Savings & Loan, home on St. Clair Avenue; $48,000.

East Palestine

Copeland Development to Mike Reed, et al, 1.1 acres on Concord Drive; $37,500.

Elkrun Township

Douglas Mayton, et al, to David Chorba, et al, home and 8.6 acres on state Route 517; $185,000.

Fairfield Township

J.L. McGinnis to Hannah Kelm, home on West Southern Avenue $60,000.

Hanover Township

Mitchell Malone to Nationstar Mortgage (foreclosure), home and 2 acres on McCann Road; $45,000.

Madison Township

Edward Stacy to Theron Morhbacher, 7 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $20,000.

Theron Morhbacher to Raymond Zimmy, 7 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $12,000.

Marleen McKee to Nathan McKee, home and 3 acres on Glenn Road; $30,000.

Perry Township

John Brackin Jr. to Karen Hallewell, home on Stewart Road; $62,000.


Jeff Barton to Joshua Hall, home on Ridgewood Drive; $75,000.

Cristina Garlough to Joseph Miller, et al, home on East 10th Street; $42,000.

William Montgomery, et al, to Bayview Loan Servicing, home on Benton Road; $52,000.

Salem Township

Stephen Johnson to Thomas Best Jr., et al, home on Grafton Road; $44,000.

Fannie Mae (Alan Smith, et al) to Scott Steele, home on Grafton Road; $67,000.

St. Clair Township

Betty Scott to Scott Barrett, home on Irish Ridge Road; $33,000.

Harold Davis, et al, to David Volino, property on Joy Lane; $23,000.

Unity Township

Philip and Linda Murphy to John and Kristen McNicholas, home on Timber Run Street; $126,000.

Wayne Township

David Freudenberg, et al, to Crooked Creek LLC, 24 acres and farm buildings on state Route 518; $70,000.


Center Township

Alford Andrulis to Raymond Burkey, 47 acres and farm buildings on Lisbon-Dungannon Road; $22,600.


Tan Ver Development to Andrew and Michaela Pease, lot on Bittersweet Drive; $24,500.

Devin and Jaime Witt to Fannie Mae, home on North Cross Street; $35,000.

Michael Glynn, et al, to Jason Stamp, home on Fairfield School Road; $107,000.

John Steele to Leonard and Kay Kozlowski, partial interest in home on North Pearl Street; $21,500.

Carol Thomas to Leonard and Kay Kozlowski, partial interest in home on North Pearl Street; $21,500.

East Liverpool

Fannie Mae (Kathy and Jared Rogers) to Robert and Pamela Chaffee, home on Orchard Grove; $14,000.

James Locke III and Keith Locke to Aaron Stevens, James Locke Jeweler’s building on East Fifth Street; $29,419.

Estate of Joyce Wyand to Larry and Loretta Miller, home on Cora Street; $10,100.

Daniel Izzo to Tonya Senkbell, home on Edgewood Street; $5,500.

East Palestine

Charles Treece to William and Bettina Dilworth, home on West North Avenue; $56,661.

Fairfield Township

Allan Chamberlin to WTJ Land Holdings, lot on Bunker Hill Road; $11,000.

Allan Chamberlin to Jeffrey and Malenia Orr, lot on Bunker Hill Road; $10,000.

Larry and Betty Davis to Eric Householder, et al, home on Cherry Street; $35,000.

Walter Burt to Steven and Dorcas Shaum, home on Crestview Road; $60,000.


Hanover Township Ruritan Club to Mark and Veronica Berresford, building on Second Street; $16,000.

Hanover Township

R.D.G. Orsburn LLC to Jay Lugibihl Properties, Community Medical Arts building on U.S. Route 30; $145,000.

Madison Township

Norma and Naomi Mattern to Jack and Joyce Moore, 6.6 acres on Hammond School Road; $25,000.

Bank of America (Elizabeth Schneider) to Fannie Mae, home and 2.5 acres on state Route 518; $115,000.

Gary and Kay Rawson to Matthew Rawson, home and 4 acres on state Route 45; $150,000.

Middleton Township

RKW Properties to Scott and Jennifer Hunt, home on state Route 154, Negley; $100.

Robert Lawrence to Scott and Jennifer Hunt, home and 63 acres on state Route 154, Negley; $318,900.

Perry Township

County Sheriff (Brian and Kristina Toothman) to Fannie Mae, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $110,000.


Ashley Duncan to Strong Family Investments, home on West Wilson Street; $5,000.

Leona Miller Trust to Terry Miller, et al, home on West Fifth Street; $40,000.

Fannie Mae (Gary and Bonnie Smith) to Shawn Theiss, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $65,900.

Fawzi and Fayez Abdlrasul to Bhavesh and Dipak Patel, commercial building on South Lincoln Avenue; $250,000.

Margaret Dale to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on West Sixth Street; $30,000.


Pauline Brown to Robert and Amy Trummer, home on West Main Street; $26,000.


Brad Crabtree to Shannon Lucas, home on 17th Street; $45,000.

Ricordo and Ruth Campbell to Steven and Carol Forsythe, home on Maple Avenue; $15,000.

West Township

Douglas and Jennifer Marrah to Jeffrey McCartney, home and 2.7 acres on Lion Lane; $270,000.

Unity Township

Fannie Mae (Charles and Cindy Raley) to Eugene Fedak, home on North Pleasant Drive; $6,000.

Roger and Gayle Gillam to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Bacon Avenue; $74,000.

Philip and Linda Murphy to John and Krista McNicholas, home on Timber Run Street; $126,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Clara Henthorne to Kimberly Deruelle, home and 14 acres on Steubenville Pike; $80,200.


Butler Township

Fannie Mae to Huntington National Bank, home on Country Club Drive; $43,100.

Center Township

Dustin Etchison to Dennis and Amy Stratton, home and 3.3 acres on Eagleton Road; $144,900.

Huntington National Bank (Debra Barton) to Robert Parilla II, home on Thomas Road; $57,000.


Russell Shaffer to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on South Main Street; $40,000.

Carrie Kubiac to Adolph Group Ltd. Partnership, Dairy Queen building on East Park Avenue; $261,000.

CI Ohio Ltd. (Robert Olenick) to Russell and Brittany Ford, home on South Vine Street; $34,100.

Allen Smith II, et al, to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on North Cross Street; $59,925.

Harold Burt to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on West Salem Street; $65,000.

East Liverpool

Mary Fone to Christopher and Lee Alverson, home on Etruria Street; $39,000.

Edward Silfies, et al, to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Sturgis Avenue; $46,000.

Shirley Jones to Timothy Graham, home on Alton Street; $26,700.

David and Deborah Wright to Corinne Powell, home on Wyoming Avenue; $67,500.

East Palestine

Ronald and Susan Venezia to John Birtalan, et al, home on Brookdale Avenue; $195,000.

Fairfield Township

Jay and June Chamberlain to Adam and Ellen Thompson, home and 2.3 acres on state Route 558; $145,000.

Franklin Township

John and Dorothy Kosko to Bernard and Sharon Jakubowski, home and 105 acres on Yellow Creek Church Road; $124,380.

Knox Township

Fannie Mae (William and Kathleen Hatherill) to Jonathan Liebhart, home on Laura Avenue; $9,000.

County Sheriff (Feltner Haskell, et al) to Fannie Mae, home on Hartley Road; $42,000.

Estate of Russell Iden to Scott Koehn, home and 2 acres on Center Road; $72,600.


James and Connie Brown to Advanced Auto Net LLC, commercial property (machine and welding shop) on Second Street; $40,000.

Hanover Township

Estate of Marilyn Humphrey to R & P Kiko Land, 93 acres on state Route 172; $614,526.

Estate of Marilyn Humphrey to Rudy and Allison Kiko, 22 acres on McCann Road; $72,851.

Steven and Rachel Jenkins to Steven Jenkins, partial interest in home and 7 acres on U.S. Route 30; $25,000.


Matthew Reed to Christopher Ford, 2 lots on Graham Street; $2,400.

Robert and Nadine Pike to C. Ashley and Jenny Pike, home on Summit Street; $110,000.

Emily Mercina to Todd Kemats, home on East Chestnut Street; $69,900.

Liverpool Township

Paul and Kathy Miller to Brooke Aldrich, home on Kingsridge Road; $143,000.

Middleton Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank (Robert Minamyer) to Keith Owens, home on Richardson Avenue; $33,000.

Fannie Mae (Stephen Cekovich) to Shelby Louk, home on Richardson Avenue; $12,000.

Perry Township

Daryl and Gisela Hiltbrand to One Step Forward Inc., home on Andrews Avenue; $93,350.

Stacy Shuman to Amy Collins, home on Elberon Avenue; $65,900.

Joseph Mong to Jordyn Brown, et al, home on Jones Drive; $79,000.


County Sheriff (Richard Myers) to U.S. Bank, duplex on North Ellsworth Avenue; $32,000.

Francis and Tammy Burkhart to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on South Ellsworth Avenue; $20,000.

Connie Borelli to Ernest and Carole Rea, home on West Seventh Street; $30,100.

County Sheriff (Julie and James Freeman Jr.) to Deutsche Bank, duplex on Jennings Avenue; $26,000.

David and Barbara Lawson to Tammy Blankenship, home on East Eighth Street; $72,000.

Richard Cranmer to Daryl and Gisela Hiltbrand home on Jefferson Avenue; $90,000.

Mary Schafer to Ryan Miller, home on New Garden Avenue; $21,500.

Salem Township

Kurt Mueller, trustee, to Joseph Mong, 71 acres on McCracken Road; $225,000.

Joseph Mong to Ralph and Elaine Eberly, 71 acres on McCracken Road; $558,000.


Jerry Mostella Jr. to Stephen and Rebecca Dalewhite, home on West Main Street; $16,700.

Terry Lewis to Jerry Mostella Jr., home on West Street; $10,000.

St. Clair Township

Jerry and Agnes Tenney to Todd and Terry Iagulli, home on Glenn Street; $75,000.

Unity Township

Joan Neelds, et al, to Wayne Harmon, home on North Pleasant Drive; $10,000.

Robert and Diane Davenport to Michael Zelenak, 3.5 acres on state Route 14; $32,500.


County Sheriff (Kristopher Sell) to Fannie Mae, home on Clover Street; $26,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank (Laura and Larry Brookes Jr.) to Nancy Gill, home on 15th Street; $15,500.

Lori Clemmer to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Chester Avenue; $14,000.

Glenda Mike to Lorinda Matthess, home on 14th Street; $62,000.

West Township

Linda Musguire to James and Kayla Morgan, home on Maple Street; $63,500.