Man claiming to be cop charged with OVI

EAST LIVERPOOL – A Steubenville man stopped Sunday on state Route 7 by the highway patrol claimed to be a police officer and asked the trooper to let him go.

Terry G. Weyand Jr., 24, Lovers Lane, was charged with OVI, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and a marked lanes violation by Trooper D. M. Brown, who was apparently unswayed by Weyand’s appeal for leniency.

Brown reported he was on a traffic stop, standing next to his patrol car when an SUV drove past in the right lane, failing to move over into the left lane away from the cruiser.

The woman involved in the initial traffic stop was also walking up the berm toward her vehicle as the SUV drove past, at one point going off the right side of the highway after it passed, Brown reported.

Brown pursued the vehicle, which stopped on Shadyside Avenue just outside East Liverpool, and when he reached the vehicle, the driver identified himself as Weyand, who said he was a police officer.

Brown said he detected an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and Weyand had glassy, bloodshot eyes. When asked if he had been drinking, Weyand reportedly told Brown he had had a couple beers but his passenger was “smashed,” so he had taken her keys and drove so she would not.

Weyand said he failed to yield to Brown’s overhead lights because he was on his phone, according to reports, which indicated Weyand’s speech was slurred and slow.

After field sobriety tests and a portable breathalyzer that registered .081, Weyand was asked to place his hands behind his back, prompting him to say to Brown, “I’m a cop. I would give you a break. Can’t you let me go? I’ll just disappear,” according to reports.

After Weyand was placed in the patrol car, Brown returned to the SUV, which was registered to the passenger’s husband, a Columbiana man.

Brown reported he found the woman, who was not identified in reports, with her pants and underwear down to her knees, exposing herself. He said she seemed confused about the place and time and smelled of alcohol.

Her husband was contacted and asked if Weyand had permission to drive his vehicle, to which he said no. He was notified the vehicle was being towed.

Weyand is also facing a pending charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in regard to driving the vehicle.

At one point in the interview process, Weyand reportedly told the trooper he had drank six beers and a shot. At the patrol barracks, a breathalyzer test resulted in a reading of .100.

Weyand’s claim to be a police officer could not be confirmed by this reporter.

A call to the Steubenville Police Department resulted in Chief William McCafferty saying, “I’ve never heard of him,” but he found a Terry G. Weyand with the same Steubenville address listed as a loss prevention officer at Walmart.

“I’ve never had him here,” McCafferty said.

Calls were also made to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and Wintersville Police Department, both of which said Weyand is not employed there.

He was among candidates who passed a Civil Service test in 2012 for East Liverpool Police Department and was interviewed, but not hired.

In East Liverpool Municipal Court this week, Weyand appeared before Melissa Byers Emmerling, who scheduled a second arraignment for April 22, with own recognizance bond of $1,000 set.

During his arrest, when advised he would be appearing before Byers Emmerling, Weyand reportedly told Brown, “Well, I’m (expletive). She doesn’t like me.”