Man who supported self by selling drugs receives 10 months

LISBON – An East Liverpool man who admitted he supported himself by selling drugs was sentenced this week in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to 10 months in prison.

“There are many people who have negatively impacted Columbiana County, but not many who have had more of a negative effect than Khbair Tisdale,” Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble said.

Tisdale’s defense attorney, Dominic Frank, pointed out when his client spoke to probation officers creating his presentencing investigation report, he “openly, honestly and candidly” told them his only means of supporting himself was selling drugs.

Tisdale apologized for a delay in his compliance to speak with the probation department earlier. He claimed his is ready for a change in his life.

“I’m ready to do something different,” Tisdale said. “I’ve got kids. I’m 32, I’m ready to do something positive instead of something negative all the time.”

While Frank asked for probation, Gamble requested a seven-month prison term. But Judge C. Ashley Pike went with 10 months instead, noting while it was “a little healthier” than what Gamble had asked for, Pike felt it was necessary for someone with multiple felonies like Tisdale.

Tisdale was sentenced on three counts of possession of drugs including one with a specification. He was accused of possession of cocaine, Buprenorphine and $523 believed to be used in the commission of a drug-related offense on Sept. 1, 2011. Additionally, he reportedly had five tablets of N-benzylpiperazine, one tablet of Buprenorphine and heroin residue in an unlabeled pill bottle in his pocket on another occasion.

Tisdale was credited with 138 days served.