Man with vehicle reported stolen taken into custody in Canton area

CANTON – A Youngstown man found driving a vehicle reported stolen in this county was taken custody Thursday by Ohio Highway Patrol troopers in the Canton area.

According to the Canton Repository, Jonathan D. Gibson, 23, Youngstown, bailed out of the moving vehicle following a car chase which including him failing to stop when troopers attempted to pull him over on Interstate 77. He jumped out of the vehicle on a small dead-end side street near U.S. Route 62 in Canton. Gibson left the vehicle rolling toward a wooden tool shed.

The same vehicle had been reported to East Palestine police on April 5 as being used by an unauthorized person. According to East Palestine police, Terrie Dailey, Alice Street, reported a vehicle being used by an unauthorized person on April 5.

Gibson faces multiple charges after troopers reportedly seized three loaded guns from the trunk of the car, an open bottle of whiskey on the front passenger seat and a small bag with four pills. Additionally, he allegedly had a fraudulent ID card. Charges include having weapons under disability, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property, OVI and felony drug possession.