Minerva men charged with assault on woman who lived with them

LISBON – Two Minerva men were charged Monday evening by sheriff’s deputies after both were accused of assaulting a woman living with them.

Jason Yerger, Bayard Road, Minerva, reported at at 6:35 p.m. Monday his roommate, Nancymarie Shelton, had been allowed to use his vehicle, but when he asked for it back she reportedly went to another home on Main Street in Minerva and refused to return it.

Deputies went and spoke to Shelton at the Main Street home. She reported she was going to give the vehicle back, but her boyfriend, Steven Huth, who also lives with Yerger, assaulted her while she was standing next to the car. He reportedly grabbed her purse, pushed her to the ground and threatened to harm her.

Another man, Kyle Anstine, confirmed he saw Huth assault Shelton. Anstine also claimed Huth was also trying to fight with him and making accusations about him and Shelton.

At that point, Huth, 24, Bayard Road, Minerva, was charged with domestic violence. Yerger then reportedly became upset and began yelling at Shelton that she would no longer be staying at his home. Before leaving, deputies warned Yerger against harming her or throwing her out without using proper eviction procedures.

A short time later, Shelton reported she had gone to a neighbor’s to eat dinner so things would cool down, but when she came back Yerger would not let her in the house. Finally, he let her small children inside, but when she tried to follow them he reportedly swung his arm at her head, knocked her glasses off, pushed her outside and shut the door while yelling a vulgar statement to her. Her children ran out the back door screaming.

Yerger, 39, was charged with assault and reportedly in the police cruiser continued to threaten that Shelton had better not be there when he returned.

The two men both appeared in Columbiana County Municipal Court on Tuesday. Huth is facing a felony domestic violence charge and a preliminary hearing was set for him on April 18. Bond for Huth was set at $50,000 cash or surety.

Yerger had an April 15 pretrial set and bond set at $2,500 cash or surety, which he posted.