New Waterford man indicted for assault in attack on jail guard

LISBON – A 19-year-old New Waterford man accused of attacking a corrections officer at the Columbiana County Jail is among those indicted by the Columbiana County Common Pleas Court grand jury this week.

The grand jury issued nine open indictments and a superseding indictment, which is an indictment differing from and canceling a first indictment. Additionally nine secret indictments were issued, which will be released as the defendants are served.

Alex D.M. Cook, 19, Crestview Road, New Waterford, is charged with a second-degree felonious assault for allegedly causing serious harm to corrections officer Anthony Travers while in custody at the jail on other charges on March 16. Court documents allege Cook choked Travers until the officer lost consciousness.

A superseding indictment was issued for Robert E. Lee, 49, Rocky Run Road, Wellsville, charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and domestic violence, a first-degree misdemeanor. According to court documents, Lee attempted to harm Anthony Sevek on Nov. 13 by intentionally ramming the back of Sevek’s vehicle with his truck. Additionally, he is accused of attempting to harm Jessica Lee on the same date.

Aaron M. Pierson, 23, Academy Street, Salineville, is charged with two counts receiving stolen property, one a fifth-degree felony and the other a misdemeanor charge, and three counts of fifth-degree felony breaking and entering. According to court documents, Pierson, during the time period of December 2012 and January 2013, had a Lerner credit card and miscellaneous jewelry belonging to Sandy Lewis. Additionally, during the time frame of Dec. 18 to Dec. 20, 2012, he reportedly had a PlayStation 3, controller and two video games belonging to Tracey Crooms. Court documents also alleged on Jan. 3, 2013 Pierson trespassed into three homes on Victor Avenue, Salineville, – two belonging to Jack Thompson and one belonging to Bill Tribelo.

Sheridan S. Taylor, 22, Madison Avenue, Salineville, is charged with tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony, and theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. Court documents allege on Feb. 20, Taylor removed a digital CD in the Salineville Police Department, which was evidence in a pending investigation.

Daniel S. Bussard, 35, West Main Street, Washingtonville, is charged with fourth-degree felony domestic violence for allegedly attempting to harm his wife Ciara Bussard on March 9, leaving lumps on her forehead, a lump above her left ear, a bite mark on her arm and breaking his own hand. According to court documents, he has a previous domestic violence conviction in Youngstown Municipal Court in 2011.

Nicholas C. Guido, 38, High Street, Salineville, is charged with theft, a fourth-degree felony. According to court documents, he allegedly took a car belonging to Darian Whaley without permission on Feb. 20.

Randy J. Callehan, 22, West Main Street, Salineville, is charged with a fifth-degree felony breaking and entering for allegedly trespassing into the American Legion in Salineville on March 19 with the purpose to commit theft. According to court documents, Callehan broke a window, cutting his own hand in the process and taking several cases of beer from the property.

Chad E. Brewer, 30, East Lincoln Way, Lisbon, is charged with domestic violence, a fifth-degree felony. According to court documents, on Jan. 1, Brewer harmed Jasee Brown by punching her in the face, attempting to suffocate her and striking her in the stomach while she was eight and a half months pregnant.

Shane M. Blake, 25, East Fifth Street, Salem, is charged with two counts aggravated robbery, both second-degree felonies. Court documents allege on March 30, he stopped his vehicle and attempted to rob Mary and Gary Shasteen, who were walking on West Ninth Street in Salem. However, Gary Shasteen became involved in a slight altercation with him and Blake reportedly left. The first aggravated robbery also allegedly involves a knife and occurred days earlier on March 27, but no details were listed in court documents.

Christopher P. Jennings Jr., 20, West Middletown Road, Salem, is charged with a fifth-degree felony possession of drugs for allegedly having three Methylone in his possession on Feb. 10.