– A Buck Road, Knox Township, resident reported Sunday her basement door had been forced open and the interior door to the rest of the house was cracked but not entered. Nothing was found missing from the basement.

– A state Route 344, Columbiana, resident reported Sunday her rear outside security light was broken.

– A McDonald Road, Lisbon, resident reported Sunday afternoon her neighbor was shooting guns in the area of Glasgow and she was concerned whether it was being done safely. The deputy spoke with Janet Shafer, who said they were shooting directly into a hillside and that she and her family had recently taken a gun safety course.

– A Kibler Road, East Palestine, resident reported Saturday her son brought home a bag of bones he found along Beaver Lake Road. A deputy examined the contents and determined the bones and fur were from an animal carcass.

– A Willard Road, Salineville, resident reported Saturday having problems with his neighbor, who trespasses on his property and whose dogs are killing his cats. The neighbor said his dogs sometimes get loose and wander onto the complainant’s property. He accused the complainant of taking shots at his dog, and if does it again, he said he will shoot back. The neighbor also said the complainant is attracting raccoons to his property by feeding them and then they go under his home, tearing up his insulation. The deputy told the neighbor he needs to keep his dogs secure and there would be severe consequences if he shot at the complainant. The neighbor said he had no intention of doing that and just said it because he was angry.

– A state Route 154, Elkrun Township, resident reported Saturday a person she knows had been driving past her home and calling her, telling her he was drunk and that he was going to get some drugs and a gun and then drive a motor vehicle into her home. A deputy tried to contact the man but was unable to reach him. He told the resident to contact the sheriff’s office if the man should return or call back.