LISBON – Two teens were cited in Columbiana County Juvenile Court for allegedly participating in the vandalism of Springhill Cemetery, 10th Street, Wellsville, on Dec. 27.

Both residents of the Wellsville School District, the court cited a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl for their part in the vandalism. Wellsville Police Chief Joe Scarabino reported in January three vandals, including a 19-year-old and two teens under 18, toppled 288 markers. Some dated back to the 1800s and could never be replaced. Damage could be as high as $500,000.

Two other teens were cited with being unruly while incarcerated at the Louis Tobin Attention Center.

The first, a 15-year-old Canton boy was charged with allegedly throwing things at the staff, making threats and attempting to strike staff members on May 4. Then a 15-year-old Minerva boy was charged with allegedly damaging the floor by picking pieces out of it on May 8.

– A 17-year-old Salem girl was cited with allegedly striking her mother in the face on May 9.

– A 15-year-old East Liverpool boy was cited with alleged jumping onto his mother’s back, kicking, hitting and choking her on April 30.

– A 15-year-old Salem boy was cited with drinking alcohol and being in possession of a pipe which smelled of burnt marijuana on April 28.

– A 17-year-old Wellsville boy was cited with engaging in turbulent behavior at home on May 13.

– A 14-year-old Salem boy was charged with allegedly having a Huntington Bank debit card belonging to Bryce Sommers on April 5.

– A 15-year-old Salem boy was cited with drinking an alcoholic beverage on April 26.

– A 17-year-old Lisbon boy was cited with habitually refusing to follow school and bus rules, disrespectful to teachers and truant.

– A 17-year-old student of the Columbiana County Opportunity School was cited with being truant 13 times starting on Feb. 22.

– A 15-year-old East Palestine student was cited with being truant 16 times starting Sept. 7, 2012.

– A 16-year-old East Liverpool student was cited with being truant 12 days from the high school starting on Aug. 31, 2012.

– A 15-year-old East Liverpool student was cited with being truant 26 times this school year, including 16 days in April.

– A 14-year-old East Palestine student is accused of missing 34 days at the middle school this school year.

– Candace Thompkins, the mother of an East Liverpool North Elementary School student was cited with allowing the child to be absent 21 times between March 1 and April 22.