Goshen police: Steel Valley Super Nationals weekend fairly quiet

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP- Despite record crowds, the Goshen Police District handled a relatively quiet weekend at this year’s Steel Valley Super Nationals.

Police Chief Steve McDaniel said the department handled one crash and made no arrests for driving intoxicated during the three-day annual event at the Quaker City Motorsports Park on state Route 165.

“It was epic, the best year the drag strip has had [for the Super Nationals],” he said. “Friday and Saturday were record days at the event; the concerts had maximum crowds. But it was a pretty quiet weekend.”

In addition to the crash, in which the driver was cited for failure to control, officers made an arrest for driving under suspension, 27 citations for speed and five citations for seatbelt violation. Officers also handled reports at the park of a stolen television, a possible stolen car and a gate damaged when a truck drove through it, as well as a person disorderly by intoxication who had to be transported to the Salem Community Hospital.

McDaniel said the department had four officers at the park each day, as well as two OVI units in the area. He said the department also had a traffic unit available each day, but that delays were minimum and the traffic flowed easily.

“We’re very pleased how well it went this year,” McDaniel said, “and we’re ready for next year.”