Butler Township

John and Michael Wargo to Richard and Rebecca Bentley, home on Cameron Street; $99,000.

Clarence and Mary Lease to Justin and Amanda Medure, 95 acres on Carey Road; $44,000.

Brian and Traci Garrity to Casey and Amy Wright, home on Woodsend Drive; $271,000.

Jason Cameron to Karen Cameron, home on Ridge Road; $4,825.

Center Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank (Joshua Roper) to Gerald Madden, home on Sue Drive; $62,000.

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Carlisle to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home and 6 acres on state Route 164; $110,000.

East Liverpool

Hays Oil Co. to Dickey Properties, office/commercial building on River Road; $86,600.

Edward and Sandra Croxall to William and Teresa Anderson, home on Haywood Street; $10,000.

Bonnie Kidder to Carl Fowler, lot on Jennings Avenue; $200.

Bank of America (Heather Havens) to Jesse and Linda Hayhurst, home on Cleveland Street; $9,500.

John Danver to Justin Trevor, home on Bank Street; $1,000.

East Palestine

Ilma Cartwright estate to Jeff Allison Jr., home on Park Avenue; $36,995.

Fairfield Township

Philip Murphy, deceased, to Amy Harbour, home and 3 acres on state Route 7; $126,700.

Hanover Township

Douglas Dowd to William McGuire, home on U.S. Route 30; $86,000.

William Craig, et al, to Robert and Cynthia Spieler, home on Eydthe Lane; $49,000.

Fannie Mae (Frank DiMuzio) to Bank of America, manufactured home on Lakeview Drive; $125,800.

Knox Township

Dennis Gelmin Jr., et al, to ALC Ltd. (foreclosure), home on U.S. Route 62; $51,000.

Joey Hughes to Scott and Leslie Cunningham, home on 12th Street; $5,000.


County Sheriff (Cindy Hunt) to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on Columbia Street; $24,000.


Nicholas and Virginia Barborak to Derrell Angle and Jennifer Barborak Angle, law office on South Market Street; $105,000.

Liverpool Township

Jody Bailey, et al, to CSH Fund (foreclosure), home on LaCroft Avenue; $10,000.

Middleton Township

Citimortgage (Delmer and Karen Lambert) to Vyron Shultz, home on Wasco Cove; $41,990.

Perry Township

138 Michael to Orion Properties Seven, home and 25 acres on Depot Road; $172,000.

Josephine Hendricks, trustee, to Laurie Briggs, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $133,000.

Carol Lopez to Daniel and Julie Mincks, home and 7 acres on Goshen Road; $135,000.


Donna and Richard Phillis II to Nathan and Lynn Quick, home on West Third Street; $8,000.

Richard and Aimie Cochran to Jennifer Stock, home on East Third Street; $132,000.

Robert Hendricks, trustee, to Theodore Thorne, trustee, eight lots on Edgewood Drive; $175,000.

County Sheriff (Greg and Hope Steffey) to Fannie Mae, home on Morgan Court; $111,603.

Holly Knight to U.S. Bank (foreclosure), home on East Seventh Street; $32,000.

Alvahn Mondell to Richard and Amie Cochran, home on Highland Avenue; $252,000.

Regina Holt to Heather Coldsnow, home on Merle Road; $91,000.

Kathleen Baker to April Harper, home on park Avenue; $78,500.

Salem Township

Marvin and Sandra Heacock to Tim and Penny Graft, home and 4.5 acres on Conkle Road; $140,000.

St. Clair Township

Harry Murray to Gary Haney, home on state Route 267; $180,000.

Randall Hoppel to Jeffrey Caldwell, home on Park Way; $225,000.

William Bridge to Glenmoor Presbyterian Church, home on state Route 267; $20,000.

Melissa and Dennis Walker II to Dawn Harrison, home on Lincoln Street; $76,000.

Edward Aliulis to Martin and Constance Yeany, home on Coolidge Avenue; $25,500.

Unity Township

Mary Curtis to Cory Hofmeister, 71 acres on Bye Road; $450,000.

County Sheriff (Gary and Catherine Schnarrenberger) to Fannie Mae, home on Timber Run; $48,000.

Washington Township

Judith Call to Steve Digman Jr., manufactured home and 2 acres on Hazel Run Road; $1,000.

Wayne Township

Howard and Bonnie Milhoan to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home and 8.5 acres on Spring Valley Road; $100,000.


Stephanie Faith to Quynnis Branham, home on Ninth Street; $6,000.

Jill and William Cataldo Jr. to Stephanie Faith, home Ninth Street; $14,000.

West Township

Robert Niswonger to EDR LLC, mineral rights to 48 acres on Myers Road; $102,552.

Deborah and Daniel Delp to EDR LLC, mineral rights to 48 acres on Myers Road; $102,552.

EDR LLC to Black Gold Group, mineral rights to 48 acres on Myers Road; $241,300.

Black Gold Group to J & D Land Group, mineral rights to 48 acres on Myers Road; $4,900.

Frederick and Carolyn Bays to Ashley and Ken Beaumarriage Jr., 1 acre on Melissa Lane; $18,000.

Yellow Creek Township

David and Doris Buzzard to Richard Welday, home on Willow Lane; $105,000.

Creston and Darla Green to Robert Keller, home on Bolivar Road; $86,500.