2 Salem residents indicted for meth manufacture

LISBON – Two people accused of manufacturing methamphetamines in Salem were served secret indictments issued by the Columbiana County Common Pleas Court grand jury in March.

Tyia R. Patchen, 24, and Stephen M. Smith, 34, both whose last known address was South Howard Street, Salem, were each charged with illegal assembly or possession of the chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, as well as illegal manufacture of drugs. They reportedly had the chemicals in their possession on Feb. 14, 2013 and had been manufacturing methamphetamines in both January and February.

Jason M. Holloway, 32, Hillcrest Road, Wellsville, was served a secret indictment for a trafficking in drug charge. According to court documents, Holloway allegedly had marijuana intended for sale on April 20, 2012. The indictment was issued by the grand jury in May.

Rameon J. Sumlin, 22, May Street, East Liverpool, was served a secret indictment on a charge of illegal conveyance of a drug of abuse onto the grounds of a detention facility. Court documents allege Sumlin took cocaine to the Columbiana County Jail on Aug. 24, 2012. The indictment was issued by the grand jury in February.

The grand jury also issued two superseding indictments and eight open indictments this week.

A superseding indictment was issued for Thomas L. Peterson, 49, St. Jacob-Logtown Road, Leetonia, who was previously charged with aggravated vehicular assault for his alleged part in a car accident which injured Lynn Mitchell on April 13. In addition to that charge, he is now also charged with possession of drugs (cocaine), tampering with evidence and failure to comply with a police order. According to court documents, Peterson attempted to hide a crack cocaine pipe and fled police, who were attempting to stop him. He also has two previous convictions for failure to comply with a police officer in Mahoning County in 2004 and 2005.

Another superseding indictment was issued for Heidi L. Todd, 34, Silliman Street, New Waterford, who is charged with both illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, illegal manufacture of drugs, endangering children and two counts possession of drugs. According to court documents, Todd had chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine on Feb. 12, 2013 and was involved in the manufacturing of the drug in January and February. Additionally, Todd is accused of having both heroin and methamphetamine on Feb. 21 and allowing three children under the age of 18 to being on the same property within 100 feet of where the methamphetamines were being manufactured.

Open indictments were issued for:

– David W. Gamble, 18, Garfield Avenue, East Palestine, was charged with receiving stolen property for allegedly riding around in a golf cart belonging to the East Palestine Country Club on Carmel Achor Road, Negley, on May 6.

– Carl C. Payne Jr., 59, address unknown, was charged with breaking and entering for allegedly trespassing into the garage of John Farnsworth, Maplewood Avenue, East Liverpool, on May 17.

– Todd A. Kirtley, 30, Alice Street, East Palestine, was charged with theft for allegedly taking on May 28 a CST Laser and a Topcon Laser both belonging to Wade Pol.

– Steven B. Smarr, 37, East Georgia Avenue, Sebring, was charged with trespassing into a habitation for allegedly going into the home of Bonnie Detchon and Christopher Fritz, North Street, Beloit on June 8, 2013.

– Frank E. Fulmer, 56, Drain Street, East Liverpool, was charged with resisting arrest and having a weapon while under a disability for allegedly having a loaded rifle in his possession on June 19, despite having a previous rape conviction in 1986. According to court documents, Fulmer brandished the weapon while interfering with his arrest.

– Steven E. Slagle, 23, Lincoln Way, Lisbon, was charged with three counts receiving stolen property. Court documents alleged Slagle had a 2002 truck owned by John Zoellers on June 15, a 1998 truck owned by James Allmon on June 16 and a 2001 car belonging to Amber Adkins on June 17.

– Robert L. Harmony, 45, East Fourth Street, Salem, was charged domestic violence for allegedly harming Christine Harmony, while he has a previous domestic violence conviction in 2009.

Additionally 14 secret indictments were issued, which will be released as the indictments are served. Three no bills were issued. Two were released, noting the cases against Derek Blair and Kenneth A. Bragg have been dismissed.