Ex-boyfriend’s family members charged in assault on woman

LISBON – A Poland woman reported on Friday she was assaulted by the family of her ex-boyfriend at their Negley area home.

Breanna Minniti, 18, spoke with Columbiana County Sheriff’s Deputies after she returned from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where she was reportedly treated for an assault; including head trauma, facial contusion, neck contusion, a left ankle sprain and a human bite.

Minniti reported she had been spending time with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Fereana. The two had planned to go canoeing in the river, but he drove her to his mother’s house. The family reportedly does not like her and she started to walk back to the truck when she saw them.

According to Minniti’s report, she was first threatened by Fereana’s mother, Peggy Bish and then his sister Susan Bish. At that point, the sister grabbed Minniti out of the truck by her hair, got on top of her and began to punch her in the face. Then Susan Bish’s friend, Lakia McDevitt jumped on her and began to kick her in the head. Finally someone pulled them off her and she was able to get up.

She was putting on her sandals and glasses, when Peggy Bish’s boyfriend reportedly came up, yelled at her, kicked her sandals away and stepped on her glasses. Peggy Bish reportedly cheered while the assault was going on. She got back in the truck with Fereana, when Susan Bish and McDevitt reportedly ran up to the truck window, punched her in the face and grabbed her hair. When Fereana backed up, they finally let go.

Assault and complicity to assault charges were filed against Peggy A. Bish, 51, state Route 170, Negley; Susan A. Bish, 21, state Route 170, Negley; and McDevitt, 21, State Line Road, Negley.