Lisbon woman sues KLG for injuries

LISBON – A paraplegic Lisbon woman has sued KLG after she was reportedly thrown from her wheelchair while riding in the company’s ambulette.

In a lawsuit filed in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, Laura Barnes is claiming she was not properly restrained on July 27, 2012 when she was being transported for medical treatment in KLG’s unit eight ambulette. During the ride, Barnes claims she was ejected from her wheelchair onto the floor of the ambulette, causing her to slide up and under the seat in front of her.

The lawsuit notes the ambulette was not properly set up to secure her, the person operating it was not trained in securing her and as a result she suffered injuries. Barnes had to undergo additional medical treatment.

The lawsuit names KLG Mobile Intensive Co. LLC, care of statutory agent Karl L. Griggs, the company’s owner. However, it does not name the person who actually transported her, referring to him only as John Doe.

She is seeking in excess of $25,000.