STAR court program certified by Ohio Supreme Court panel

LISBON – Judge Carol Ann Robb recently announced the Successful Treatment and Recovery (STAR) program adopted at the Columbiana County Municipal Court has been certified by the Ohio Supreme Courts Commission on Specialized Dockets.

Started in 2007, STAR provides substance abuse and mental health treatment, education, housing, employment and other services, along with intensive monitoring and supervision by the court, according to Judge Carol Ann Robb.

STAR is designed to reduce the number of repeat offenders by helping them beat their addiction while addressing any mental health issues. The program works to take a holistic approach to barriers to success in other aspects of their lives, Robb said. The program has graduated five classes with a recidivism rate of 24 percent for defendants completing the program.

In November, the Supreme Court adopted rules that outlined the specialized docket certification procedures to include submitting an application, undergoing a site visit, and forwarding specific program materials to the Specialized Dockets Section as part of the certification process.

By Jan. 1, 2014, Ohio courts operating specialized docket programs will be required to be initially certified by the Supreme Court. STAR was one of the first five in the state recently to receive final certification.