EL man gets 9 years for role in shooting death

LISBON – A nine-year sentence was pronounced Friday on the man investigators claim was involved in setting up the attempted burglary of a Township Line Road home and then warning the homeowner, which led to the shooting death of Holly Carosiello in August 2011.

Johnny P. Paroda Jr., 22, Green Lane, East Liverpool, was sentenced by Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge Scott Washam to eight years for his involvement in the burglary and events leading to Carosiello’s death. An additional year was added for a probation violation from a 2009 robbery conviction.

“I apologize to the families I affected by my actions,” Paroda said prior to sentencing. “I know they were wrong.”

Paroda had pleaded guilty in early July to complicity to involuntary manslaughter, a first-degree felony; conspiracy to commit burglary, a second-degree felony; two counts of conspiracy to commit burglary, both fourth-degree felonies; and two counts of obstructing official business, both third-degree felonies. He had agreed in a plea deal to testify truthfully at any upcoming hearings involving Carosiello’s death.

The charges Paroda pleaded to state he conspired with others, including Jamie Adkins and Holly Carosiello, to burglarize Nick Carosiello’s home and approached the home with them in an adjacent field on Aug. 11, 2011. Then on the next day, the conspiracy continued and the attempted burglary took place, which eventually led to the shooting death when Adkins lifted 22-year-old Holly Carosiello up to a bedroom window at her estranged husband’s home, where she was shot in the head.

Additionally, Paroda’s charges came from his inability to cooperate with investigators from the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Department, who were working to get to the bottom of Carosiello’s death.

Court documents claim Paroda told investigators he placed only one call to Nick Carosiello to tell him Holly Carosiello was on her way to the house to get her personal belongings, denied knowing about earlier burglaries or conspiracies, denied calling Nick Carosiello to warn him about a plan by Adkins and others to burglarize Nick Carosiello’s home to steal money and marijuana, and told investigators Nick Carosiello left his home before the burglary and death of Holly Carosiello. He also denied many conversations he had with Adkins and Nick Carosiello prior to the burglary.

Prior to Friday’s sentencing, defense attorney Richard Hura said Paroda agreed to plead to the charges because he is “truly sorry for his actions in the death of his cousin.”

The additional year for the probation violation involved Paroda and a co-defendant, Michael White, jumping onto Scott Whitacker, kicking him several times and taking his wallet in 2009. White had served two years for robbery, while Paroda had received four years probation.

On Friday, Paroda was credited with 160 days served, reducing his sentence to about eight years and seven months to serve.

Paroda’s sentencing is another in a long-line of Holly Carosiello’s family members and friends, who have been sentenced or charged in connection to her death. Her mother, as she has for the previous hearings, attended the Friday’s sentencing, but chose not to make a statement.

Nick Carosiello, 32, Chester, W.Va., currently faces an aggravated murder charge, as well as tampering with evidence and drug possession. Adkins is currently serving 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, burglary and conspiracy to burglary for his part in the crime.

Nick Carosiello’s current girlfriend, Martina L. Michael, 21, also of Chester, is charged with obstructing a police business and helping tamper with evidence. Nick Carosiello’s stepfather, Richard Lewis, Township Line Road, Wellsville, is charged with obstructing official business for allegedly lying to investigators.

Others sentenced for their involvement have been Dustin Green, 22, May Street, East Liverpool, who received six years for complicity to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary; Joshua Rudder, 23, St. Clair Avenue, East Liverpool, who drove the group to the burglary and was sentenced to five years; Nick Carosiello’s brother, Anthony Carosiello, 27, Francis Drive, Wellsville, who removed evidence from the scene which hampered the investigation, was sentenced to 24 months in prison.