EL woman gets 11 months in prison for theft crime spree

LISBON – An East Liverpool woman involved in a theft crime spree with her brother and his girlfriend will spend 11 months in prison after she was sentenced Thursday in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court.

Rebecca Sisco, 25, Smith Field Road, pleaded guilty in late June to six counts of receiving stolen property and four counts of misuse of credit cards.

During her sentencing hearing she started to tell Judge Scott Washam the same story she told East Liverpool police when stolen credit cards were found in her purse – her brother put them in there and she did not know it. But Washam interrupted her.

“There are photographs of you using the credit cards right here,” Washam said, holding up the file.

At that point, she admitted to using one of the cards.

Washam also later pointed out Sisco knew her brother and his girlfriend were stealing the items because they were living with her, showing her the items they had taken and storing them in her home.

According to court documents, the charges against Sisco stemmed from her having miscellaneous jewelry belonging to Richard and Marsha Webb last Aug. 29; a J.C. Penney credit card belonging to Patricia Martin; and a Discover card, a Tri State Federal Credit Union credit card and USAA Federal Savings Bank credit card belonging to Robert Bloor all in her possession on Sept. 11.

Additionally, Sisco used two of the cards belonging to Bloor on Sept. 8.

Some of the other charges were from her actions earlier in 2012, when she reportedly had a stolen credit card belonging to William McGill, which she used to make purchases at the Calcutta Walmart in the amounts of $34 on July 15 and $62 on July 16.

Sisco had faced up to eight years incarceration and fines of up to $17,000.

However, she and her defense attorney Charley Kidder asked Washam to consider waiting to impose the sentence until a later date to give her time to make arrangements for her mother to be able to care for her children.

“I have three kids and I work,” Sisco said. “I have no one to take my kids if I do have to go to jail.”

Both Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart and Washam noted Sisco knew jail was a possibility when she came to the hearing. She was also 20 minutes late arriving for the hearing, using the excuse she had to take her children to school.

Prior to sentencing Kidder said the other co-defendants “may have had a bit more culpability in these matters.”

Sisco’s brother, David J. Sisco Jr., 23, was sentenced earlier in August to seven years in prison for six counts of burglary and three counts receiving stolen property. His girlfriend, Ashley D. Bable, 26, also was sentenced earlier in August to nine months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of receiving stolen property and two counts of burglary.