Butler Township

John Sanor to Ardith Tenyek, et al, manufactured home on McCann Road; $54,600.


James Santini to Brandie and David Brown, 0.5 acre on Terra Verde Avenue; $35,000.

Ruth Parry Trust to Anthony Tatgenhorst, home on Court Street; $125,000.

Stacey and Sidney Villines to Bank of New York, home on North Elm Street; $74,800.

East Liverpool

Roger and Clara Backus to Davonda LLC, home on St. Clair Avenue; $72,000.

Jerry and Marcia Cunningham to Timothy and Kelly George, home on Crawford Street; $14,000.

Heather Brick, et al, to Peggy Graham, home on Williams Avenue; $55,000.

Jerry Crabtree to John Quinn, home on Price Street; $5,700.

County Sheriff (William Farley) to Angelo and Annuziata Ferrazono, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $12,312.

County Sheriff (Betty Davis) to Mid-First Bank, home on Erie Street; $40,207.

Mary Ollis to James Aracich, et al, home on Smithfield Street; $38,000.

Edward and Sandra Croxall to David Volino home on State Street; $12,000.

East Palestine

Allison Glass to Kelley Thompson, home on Sunset Drive; $100,000.

Tim and Susan Wagner to Trina Drotleff, home on South Market Street; $65,000.

Elkrun Township

Aden and Susan Schlabach to Sherri Dettmer, home on Cream Ridge Road; $59,900.

Fairfield Township

Brian Riggs to Tyler and Amy Virden, home on Metz Road; $100,000.

Franklin Township

Bruner Land Co. to Aaron and Patricia Lane, 1.5 acres on Foundry Hill Road; $7,900.

Harley and Rhoda Schlabach to Bill and Maria Schlabach, home and 5 acres on Hull Road; $60,000.

Hanover Township

Weikart Properties to American Dream Homes, lot on Carlene Lane; $20,000.

Knox Township

Shirley Benner to Brighton Benner, home on Center Road; $60,000.

Clifford and Imogene Grove to Lora Merrick, home on Georgetown Road; $83,000.

Fannie Mae (Sandra Sano) to Frederick Best, home on Homeworth Road; $95,000.


Jessica and Kevin Rohrer to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Cherry Fork Avenue; $40,000.

Liverpool Township

Ken and Patricia Keeder to Roy Pittenger, manufactured home on Shadyside Avenue; $3,500.

Robert Hadley, executor, to Adam and Laura Bryer, home on Kingsridge Court; $152,000.

Jerry and Monya Early to George Hall, home on Campground Road; $190,000.

Madison Township

Todd Rental Corp. to Robert and Anna Stewart, home on East Liverpool Road; $35,000.

Middleton Township

James Crawford to Flatiron Energy Resources, et al, partial interest in mineral rights to 62 acres off state Route 7; $595,999.

New Waterford

Bette Haldiman to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Dogwood Circle; $80,000

Perry Township

Donald and Therese Lynn to Shirley and David Penezich Jr., home on New Garden Avenue; $187,500.

Paul Falk to Patricia Soules, home on Elberon Avenue; $78,400.

Arlina Sekely, trustee, to Randy and Jennifer Laughner, home on Brookview Drive; $235,000.

E.K. Wilson Properties to Elizabeth Faloba, home on Stewart Road; $69,900.


Martha Jewell estate to Halverstadt Properties, home on New Garden Avenue; $30,000.

Fannie Mae (William Yerkey) to David Miller, home on Fairview Avenue; $42,500.

Salem Brass & Aluminum Foundry, Kenneh Prickett Jr., president, to Nancy Prickett, commercial building on West Wilson Street; $44,000.

Richard Karlis, et al, to Weikart Properties, home on South Broadway Avenue; $20,900.

Salem Township

County Sheriff (Linda and Patrick Earich Jr.) to Bank of New York, home and 2.5 acres on Perry Grange Road; $80,000.

William Grimm to Anna Bach, manufactured home and 2.9 acres on Butcher Road; $35,000.

21st Mortgage Corp. to Tim Leverknight, manufactured home on Old Route 558; $64,000.


Laura Battaglia to Justin Lamp, home on on High Street; $5,000.

St. Clair Township

County Sheriff (Georgeann Railing) to Mark and Mary English, home on Walker Road; $29,000.

James Bowersock, et al, to Kathy Miller, clustered housing unit on Eagle Drive; $153,450.

J. Herbert Thompson Living Trust to Vernon Dell Properties, home and 2 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $135,000.

West Township

Sandra Dragomir to Bounty Minerals, mineral rights to 45 acres on Lowmiller Road; $225,250.

Allen and Diana Fleming to Bounty Minerals, mineral rights to 40 acres on Mountz Road; $80,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Richard and Mary Vaness Nielsen, et al, home on Parshall Street; $70,000.


Center Township

Anita and Robert Wise to David and Mary Shelko, home on Leetonia Road; $133,000.

Adam and Ashley Roberts to Fawn Irwin, home on Saltwell Road; $112,000.

Edward Krauss, trustee, to Larry Klepp, home on state Route 45; $49,000.


Nathan and Tammie Walker to Raymond Longbottom, home on Court Street; $120,000.

East Liverpool

Jeff and Rebecca Buchheit to Maryann Mileski, et al, home on Hill Boulevard; $137,000.

Shawn Hill to Darrin Harsh, home on Etruria Street; $10,000.

Joyce Mays, executor, to Merle Shaffner, home on Henry Avenue; $30,800.

Joyce Mays, executor, to Joseph and Heather Hissom, home on Henry Avenue; $11,550.

Elkrun Township

Russell Hetrick to Mary Cerzo, home and 38 acres on state Route 153; $166,900.

County Sheriff (Kevin Low) to First National Community Bank, house trailer and lot on state Route 154; $16,000.

Fairfield Township

William DeRhodes, et al, to Kevin and Debra Baker, partial interest in 20 acres on state Route 7; $83,700.

Russell Hetrick to Mary Cerzo, home and 59 acres on Fairfield School Road; $185,300.

Russell Hetrick to Mary Cerzo, home and 3 lots on Middleton Road; $29,300.

Knox Township

Jeff Heacock to Evan Wuthrick, et al, 6.7 acres on Knox School Road; $55,000.

James Heacock, et al, to Evan Wuthrick, 6.7 acres on Knox School Road; $55,000.

Penny Hesselbart to Evan Wuthrick, et al, 6.7 acres on Knox School Road; $55,000.

Jon Heacock to Evan Wuthrick, et al, 6.7 acres on Knox School Road; $55,000.

Angela M. Bandy to Deborah Cappac, home on Hartley Road; $14,800.


JP Morgan Chase Bank (Cindy Hunt) to Michael and Michelle Pinciaro, home on Columbia Street; $21,000.

Liverpool Township

Bruce Garver to Harold Feezle, home on Azalea Avenue; $15,000.

David and Gloria Gargano to Robert Merriman, home on Peterson Road; $22,500.

William Haught to Tim and Penny Kever, home on Lisbon Street; $25,000.

Madison Township

Brent and Nancy Brookes to Raymon Zimny, 6.5 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $7,000.

Middleton Township

U.S. Bank (Kathryn Landon) to Harold Feezle, home and 5.6 acres on Taylor Road; $50,000.

New Waterford

Eric Quetot to Scott and Stephanie Dickey, home on Dogwood Circle; $119,900.

Perry Township

Mitchell McGuire to Dorothy Neishleb, home on North Egypt Road; $77,500.


Nancy Griffith, et al, to Richard and Cynthia Otter, home on Park Avenue; $98,500.

Casey and Amy Wright to Blake and Mindy Wolford, home on Orchard Bend; $173,000.

Raymond Metzgar to James Minamyer, home on Franklin Avenue; $30,000.

County Sheriff (Steve Lutz) to Bank of America, home on East Third Street; $48,000.

Salem Township

Sanford and Janice Hill to Elmer and Julie Day, home on state Route 45; $159,900.

St. Clair Township

Willard Rayl to James and Willa Stewart, home on Sharon Drive; $165,000.

Jeffrey Mercer, et al, to Gene and Belma Hamilton, home on Highland Avenue; $93,000.

Lester Green to Nicholas and Candace Puscuzzi, home on Fredericktown Road; $118,500.

Robert and Margaret Brock to Robin Daugherty, et al, 1.2 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $24,000.

Vic Wolfe to Joshua Newlun, home on Artistic Drive; $136,000.

Hazel Foster to Sean and Billie O’Neill, home on Buckeye Circle; $89,900.

Unity Township

Sherri Detmer to Justin Storm, home and 7.6 acres on Carter Road; $150,000.

Wayne Township

James Sturgeon to Billy Talbert, home and 24 acres on Applegate Road; $255,000.

Steven Clark to Brian Schafer, house trailer and 9 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $34,000.

William Reed to Paul and Christy Smith, house trailer and 2 acres on Lyle Street; $25,900.


Evelyn Smith, et al, to Shirley Munoz, partial interest in manufactured home on lot on Center Street; $17,056.


Butler Township

Leonard and Anita Wuthrick to Chad Wuthrick, et al, home on Valley Road; $40,000.


Grant and Sherry Spaite to Jerrod and Gabriella Kuczer, home on Metz Road; $138,900.

Kathryn Fry Trust to John and Rachel Jones, home on Fairfield Avenue; $170,000.

Scott and Shannon Armstrong to Josiah and Erin Montgomery, home on South Elm Street; $110,000.

East Liverpool

Leota Richerd to Six Recycling Corp., home on Maple Street; $5,000.

Northern Hancock Bank & Trust to Brian Miller, home on Almont Street; $24,000.

Francis and Tammy Burkhart to Charles Conard, home on First Avenue; $5,275.

East Palestine

Ricky Gorby, for the East Palestine Fire Department, to Harold Feezle, home on East Clark Street; $24,750.

County Sheriff (Jerry Selby) to Fannie Mae, home on West Street; $18,000.

Fairfield Township

Charles Beiling Trust to Gary Wonner, 2.2 acres on Beeson Mill Road; $21,900.

Gary Wonner to Frank Phillips, 2.2 acres on Beeson Mill Road; $13,500.

Knox Township

Hagan Enterprises to Ocean Realty, former Tri C Motors office building and garage on Homeworth Road; 61; $60,000.

Liverpool Township

Mabel Adkins to Lyle Adkins, home and 2.8 acres on Stagecoach Road; $51,750.

Perry Township

Ladislaus Novak to Anthony Perry, 0.6 acres on Benton Road; $5,500.

Edward Bell to Edward Edling Jr., vacant lot on Ohio Boulevard; $300.

Ryan Wilson, et al, to Matt and Allison Bryant, home on Colonial Drive; $170,000.


David and Jennifer Frye to Doss Properties, home on Walnut Street; $28,000.


Betty Skiba to Anna Foust, home on Park Avenue; $82,500.

Daniel and Mary Toothman to Mindy Koons, home on Fair Avenue; $129,900.

Bruno and Kathleen Stanga, co-trustees, to Brandon Davis, et al, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $65,500.

Patricia Hall to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $26,000.

St. Clair Township

Joseph and Tamra Linkesh to Richard and Connie Bzinak, home and 2.5 acres on Winston Drive; $205,000.

Roberta Prince to Wells Fargo Bank (foreclosure), home Homestead Drive; $55,000.

Hancock County Savings Bank (Benajmin and Lisa Boyde) to Patrick and Patricia Bobby, home on Coolidge Street; $66,000.

Unity Township

Lori Maggianetti to Brianne and Daniel Benyi Jr., home and 2 acres on Hatcher Road; $94,760.


Joan Reed, et al, to Janet Campbell, property on Riverview Avenue; $1,733.

Barbara Nightingale to Earl S. Campbell, et al, property on Riverview Avenue; $433.

West Township

Carol Leasure to Andrew Whiteleather, home and 9.3 acres on Kurtz Road; $145,000.


Butler Township

Steve and Angela Bailey to Brian Lippiatt, home on Slater Road; $143,000.

Gerald Clay, et al, to Scott and Lisa Jenkins, home on Depot Road; $106,900.

Center Township

Matt and Rachel Altman to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Lisbon Road; $100,000.


Ralph and Jean Coblentz to Nicholas and Kelsey Hawkins, home on North Cross Street; $60,000.

Rosanne Henderson to Ryan Rohrbaugh, home on North Vine Street; $124,500.

Bava Realty to Ibrahim Youssef Enterpises II, office/condominium on state Route 14; $480,000.

Zachary and Amanda Davis to James and Margaret Heaton, home on Bell Avenue; $103,000.

Edward Bell to Rosanna Rogers, lot on Market Street; $500.

Cleyde Murillo to Fairfield Avenue Leasing Co., home on Fairfield Avenue; $100,000.

East Liverpool

Carole Phillips to Dennis Long, home on West Fourth Street; $26,000.

Frank Tittle to Brendan McCauley, home on Florence Street; $11,000.

Lee and Gwen Cain to Shane and Danielle Timmons, home on Idaho Avenue; $36,520.

Brian and Dorothea Stewart to DCS Homes, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $35,000.

Thomas Walker, et al, to Gene and Peggy Stryffeler, home on Charles Street; $22,500.

East Palestine

Janet and Michael Bunts to Stone Financing, home on Malibu Drive; $210,000.

County Sheriff (Georgie Ann Hacker) to Bank of New York, home on East Main Street; $32,000.

City of East Palestine to Michael Martinez, 0.5 acre lot on Hillside Drive; $14,000.

Hanover Township

James Grimm to John and Janet Burns, home on Lakeview Drive; $170,000.

Knox Township

345 E. Oregon LLC to Joseph Teppert, et al, 8.5 acres on Bowman Road; $24,900.

Virgil Family Trust to Jack and Julie Steele, home on Bowman Road; $156,800.

Roselette and Elmer Sommers Jr. to Donovan Curfman, 2 lots on Middle Street; $18,700.

Fannie Mae (David and Susan Martinez) to David and Robin Kidd, home and 3.7 acres on Georgetown Road; $140,000.

Liverpool Township

Fannie Mae (James and Janey White) to Larry and Betsy Davis, home on Densmore Avenue; $27,000.

Cheryl Marinik to Bryan Faulk, et al, home on Hill Boulevard; $106,500.

Madison Township

Elmer Barrow to Nancy Coleman, partial interest in home and 5 acres on Leslie Road; $7,100.

Cooper Family Trust to Jack Ketchum, 1.7 acres on Glasgow Road; $12,500.

County Sheriff (Ursula and Danne Dutcher II) to Corocom LLC, home and 4.6 acres on Hammond School Road; $40,000.

Roger and Rosale Brzozowski to Jeff and Nikol Mundy, 15 acres on Buckeye Road; $30,406.

Virginia and Richard Rose Jr. to Greg and Lori Warrick, home and 56 acres on state Route 45; $270,000.

Middleton Township

Joseph and Kay Weldon to Raymond Moore, home and 34 acres on Carmel Achor Road; $80,000.

Ralph Lattanzio Jr. to Daniel and Sheila McCarthy home and 3.5 acres on Dyke Road; $5,000.


Matt and Allison Bryant to Aaron Cosmer, home on East 10th Street; $115,000.

Paul and Linda Zeller to Halverstadt Properties, home on East Third Street; $52,250.

Thomas and Anne Goergen to Esther Wilkins, condominium on East Fourth Street; $38,500.

Carol Flick estate to Megan McLaughlin, home on Merle Road; $118,000.

Mary Brown to George Thomas, home on East State Street; $35,300.

JP Morgan Bank (Michael Brackin) to Elmer and Roselette Sommers, home on South Union Avenue; $24,500.

Robert Wood II to Arthur Orr Trust, home on Highland Avenue; $265,000.


Crystal Monigold to Kevin and Rebecca Melhorn, home on Salineville Road; $4,000.

St. Clair Township

Arlene and Walter Clark Jr. to Kenneth and Nicole McCoy, home on Dray Lane; $245,000.

Chase Bank to Harry Giralico home on Bloomfield Road; $24,500.

William Cornell to William and Flossie Miller, home on Cannons Mill Road; $84,000.

Stephen Hilborn, et al, to Jason Ludwig, home on Stagecoach Road; $173,000.

Charles and Janet Groubert to Joseph and Traci Reese, home on Cherry Lane; $100,000.

Unity Township

Cecil and Elizabeth Smith to Kathryn Mistovich, home on Metz Road; $130,000.

Mary Carlson to Michael Zelenak, 3 acres and a building on state Route 14; $85,000.

County Sheriff (Marvin Aeschbacher) to Bonnie McCarty, et al, home and 3.2 acres on Jimtown Road; $49,604.


Nancy Senay to Richard Hall, home on Clark Avenue; $67,000.

Fannie Mae (Denise Rambo) to CMP Real Estate Holdings, home on Broadway Avenue; $6,900.

West Township

Williamson Properties to Bounty Minerals, mineral rights to 36 acres on Lowmiller Road; $183,210.

Huntington National Bank (Homer Fall, et al) to Roger and Judy Higginbotham, home on Augusta Road; $47,000.