Columbiana man gets 6 additional months in prison

LISBON – A Columbiana man already serving 18 months for drug-related crimes in Mahoning County will serve an additional six months for receiving stolen property.

Michael P. Esenwein, 28, West Park Avenue, Columbiana, pleaded guilty on Friday to receiving stolen property for having several rifles belonging to Garrett Holloway in his possession on Dec. 7, 2012. According to Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart, Esenwein and others were in the process of trading or selling the firearms in order to obtain heroin. Two of the guns taken were never recovered.

Prior to sentencing, Esenwein and his attorney Fred Naragon asked Judge Scott Washam to consider allowing Esenwein to serve the six months concurrently with the time he is already serving. Out of the 18 months in Mahoning County, Esenwein said, the last six are to be served at a halfway house. Esenwein was concerned if that was delayed another six months he would not have a place at the halfway house.

Esenwein’s past criminal record may have figured into Washam’s decision to make the six months consecutive. Besides the current charge and the heroin-related one in Mahoning County, he reportedly has three other drug-related convictions and a burglary conviction in his past.