EL man sues over lime hopper accident

LISBON – An East Liverpool man allegedly injured in an avalanche of lime while working at a Wellsville Terminal last year filed a civil lawsuit in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court this week against the owner of the lime.

According to court documents, Jerry Cornell was working as a longshoreman for the Wellsville Terminal and was in the process of unloading lime belonging to the Mississippi Lime Co. of Cleveland utilizing that company’s lime hopper. The lawsuit filed by attorneys Jeffrey and Frank Bruzzese of Steubenville, notes the lime hopper is used to transport, store and dispense various lime products.

On Aug. 29, 2012, the lime hopper became clogged and Cornell along with other employees on the dock were responsible for unclogging it. While in the process of working on the problem, an avalanche of lime covered Cornell causing him both external and internal burns, due to inhaling the lime. A co-worker attempted to assist Cornell by spraying him with water from a nearby water tank.

Cornell was reportedly induced into a coma due to the extent of his injuries while he was treated at a hospital for exposure to corrosive and toxic chemicals. He reportedly remains unable to breathe well more than a year later.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $25,000 for alleged his health damages, failure of the company to properly alert and train the employees of the Wellsville terminal as to the dangers, failure to provide adequate working equipment and exposing Cornell to hazardous substances.