Salineville man gets year in jail for break-ins

LISBON – A Salineville man who allegedly has been involved in breaking into multiple locations was sentenced to one year in prison after he pleaded guilty in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Thursday to three counts of breaking and entering and two counts of receiving stolen property.

Aaron M. Pierson, 23, Academy Street, Salineville, asked for immediate sentencing on the five charges. All five result from crimes last winter.

Pierson chose to make no statement to Judge Scott Washam before his sentencing.

The charges he pleaded to state that on Jan. 3 he broke into three vacant homes on Victor Avenue in Salineville. Two of the homes belonged to Jack Thompson and the third belonged to Bill Tribelo. The two receiving stolen property charges stemmed from him having in his possession a credit card and costume jewelry belonging to Sandy Lewis in December 2012 and January 2013. Additionally, he reportedly had a Play Station 3, controllers and two video games belonging to Tracey Crooms in December 2012.

Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble said it would appear Pierson has an obvious substance abuse problem.

Common Pleas Court was not Pierson’s only appearance of the day.

Pierson also appeared in Columbiana County Municipal Court on Thursday for an arraignment on an unrelated aggravated menacing charge. According to court documents, Pierson is accused of pulling a lock-back knife on another person.

Gamble told Washam in Common Pleas Court that from what he knew of the case in Municipal Court, another man caught Pierson peering into windows and confronted him. At that point, Pierson is alleged to have pulled a knife.

Salineville Police Chief Andrew Straley, county Sheriff Ray Stone and Chief Deputy Allen Haueter reportedly found Pierson hiding in an attic at his home after the alleged incident on Tuesday.