20-day sentence appealed

LISBON – An appeal of sentencing was filed on behalf of Saleh M. Fahmawi, New Road, Austintown, who was scheduled to go to the county jail for 20 days starting on Monday for attempted theft, a charge amended from theft.

Along with his brother, Fahmawi was accused of involvement in a lottery scam, where an undercover agent was given $25 for a $10,000 ticket at an East Liverpool convenience store.

Saleh Fahmawi, 39, was the owner of the store, the Lisbon Street Market in East Liverpool. He was sentenced to 20 days in jail for attempted theft, a misdemeanor charge. He is also prohibited in the future from operating a lottery terminal or having a lottery license.

At the time of sentencing, Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart had requested a 10-day jail sentence, which Fahmawi’s attorney Rhys Cartwright-Jones had argued as being too steep.

Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike had given Fahmawi 20 days in jail, adding he felt there has to be some punishment for what happened despite the fact there was no actual victim in the case. Pike gave Fahmawi until Monday to get his affairs in order before going to jail.

While Saleh Fahmawi was the owner of the store, his brother, Ashraf M. Fahmawi, 27, the clerk who waited on the undercover lottery official, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for theft. He also is reportedly facing possible deportation. He had agreed not to pursue an appeal at the time of sentencing.