Couple pleads no contest to shoplifting charges

LISBON – A couple accused of shoplifting from the Dollar General in Rogers on Jan. 16 each pleaded no contest to theft in Columbiana County Municipal Court on Monday.

Jamie J. Rambo, 26, and Albert McVay, 50, of Trinity Church Road, Lisbon, both appeared in custody before Judge Mark Frost on Monday. Each was credited with six days served in jail since their arrests last week. Each was fined $250 and ordered to make a total of $60 in restitution to Dollar General between them.

The two were additionally banned from entering any Dollar General in Columbiana County.

Although they appeared at separate hearings, Frost asked each of them whose idea it was to try to pocket items at the store. They both said it was not something they talked about.

McVay said both were unemployed and needing a place to stay. Rambo said they went there to get some food and ended up doing something she knew was wrong.

“You know my past,” Rambo said. “You know the hardship. It wasn’t his idea. It wasn’t my idea.”

Neither McVay nor Rambo are new to spending time in county court. In the past 10 years, McVay has previous convictions of two counts drug paraphernalia in 2012, assault in 2006 and receiving stolen property in 2004. Rambo also has convictions of receiving stolen property in 2012 as well as, obstructing justice and theft in 2011. Both have had numerous hearings for probation violations, sometimes for failing drug tests or failing to appear for drug tests.

Again each were ordered to submit themselves to random drug tests at the request of their probation officer. When asked if she would pass a drug test on Monday, Rambo admitted she would pass for most drugs, but not marijuana. She claimed it was around when she was hanging out at a place she should not have been.

“Have you ever gotten in trouble when drugs were involved,” Frost asked, with Rambo agreeing she had not.

Rambo noted she plans to go to the One Stop to look for work to help pay her fines.

“It’s time for me to grow up and get on my own two feet,” she added.

Frost agreed he hopes she can find work, stay out of trouble and stop coming to court.

“Your honor, no offense, but I’m sick and tired of seeing you,” Rambo added.