Fund set up to benefit family

CALCUTTA – The Ludwig-Nign Benefit Fund has been established at Chase Bank in response to an accident Sunday that took the lives of local residents Jamie and Meghann (Ludwig) Nign.

The accident also resulted in four of the couple’s children being hospitalized.

Donations toward the fund can be made at any Chase Bank nationwide. Locally, those who wish to donate can do so at: Chase Bank, 15688 State Route 170, East Liverpool, Ohio, 43920.

Bank personnel said those interested in making a donation through a Chase Bank branch outside the East Liverpool area can call the local bank at 330-385-9792 if they need information on how to go about that.

This is the only benefit for the family being sponsored at this time by the Calcutta and Glenmoor fire departments and North Star Critical Care ambulance company. Mrs. Nign was also an EMT at North Star.