Lawyers raise evidence issues

LISBON – Concerns between attorneys about when evidence would be available in the Frank Gorichky reckless homicide case came to the front Thursday before Common Pleas Judge Scott Washam.

The motion hearing was held after Gorichky’s defense attorney, Richard Hura, filed a motion to compel evidence.

Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble questioned Hura’s method of getting the information, including a letter he said his office received on Jan. 10, a Friday, requesting materials by the following Monday. The materials included an interview with someone who he said may not even exist. Gamble claimed the letter from Hura included a “self-imposed” deadline, which was impossible or at least impractical for him to meet.

Hura said the interview transcript he was requesting was from a man whose name came up during a preliminary hearing, which was conducted by another defense attorney, James Hartford.

Gamble said he felt the requests are something he feels two attorneys could just sit down and talk about without making motions on the record in court. “It makes it look like the state is not doing its job or dragging its feet,” Gamble said.

Although he admitted he has not given Hura the photographs from the interior of Gorichky’s trailer, which were taken by the Bureau of Criminal Information and Investigation, Gamble also said he still awaits any discovery from Hura. Gamble said he just received a copy of the photos on disc and assured Washam he would provide a copy for Hura by noon today.

Gorichky is accused in the alleged shooting death of his neighbor Michael Fisher, 46, at Gorichky’s home in the Country Squire Mobile Home Park on July 2.

The case is set for a jury trial on March 24.