Salem man gets 10 days in jail for disorderly conduct

LISBON – A man facing another disorderly conduct charge due to having a drinking problem came before Judge Mark Frost Thursday afternoon in Columbiana County Municipal Court.

James Burkholder, 49, East State Street, Salem, was fined $100 and credited with six days served in jail while sentenced to an additional four days after he pleaded no contact to disorderly conduct.

During the weekend, Salem police found him falling into the roadway in the 100 block of North Howard Avenue and nearly being struck by vehicles on Jan. 10 after they had already warned him earlier to stay at a West Fourth Street location and not leave while he was still intoxicated.

“We want to get Jim some help,” said Assistant County Prosecutor Don Humphrey Jr. “We don’t want Salem police to find him in a snow bank frozen to death or see him step in front of some driver and have that on their conscience. He’s proven he is a danger to himself.”

Burkholder said he knows he needs to “slow down,” but Frost questioned Burkholder if he plans to quit drinking.

“I’ve been drinking since I was young,” he responded.

Frost said if Burkholder is caught drinking again by the Salem police, Frost will enforce 20 days of suspended jail time.

According to Municipal Court records dating back to 1995, Burkholder has more than a dozen disorderly conduct convictions in the past two decades.