David and Nancy Gibson, trustees, to Justin and Krista Best, home on Royal Birkdale Drive; $390,000.

East Liverpool

Irene Arrowsmith to Gregg Stowers Jr., home on Huston Avenue; $5,000.

DCS Homes to Crystal Hanlon, property on Grandview Street; $3,500.

Richard Randolph to Kimberly Smith, home on West Fourth Street; $25,700.

Fairfield Township

Charles Beiling to Bounty Minerals LLC, mineral rights to various properties in the township; $352,457.

Knox Township

Amber Wolfe to Brooke Keller, home on Lake Street; $48,500.

Perry Township

Daniel Leffler to Adam Shaver, home on Springdale Avenue; $77,000.


Larry Charnesky, et al, to Elwood and Alice Stone, trustees, condominium on Superior Avenue; $105,900.

Mark Hoskins to Chen Ying Chen, home on Sugar Tree Alley; $62,000.

Salem Township

Eric Boran to JB Synergy Group, 45 acres and farm buildings on state Route 45; $640,000.

St. Clair Township

Harold Feezle to McElwain Sisters, home on South Meadowbrook Circle; $151,500.

JP Ohio Real Estate to John and Kimberly Steckman, home and 16 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $350,000.

JP Ohio Real Estate to John and Kimberly Steckman, home and 2 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $300,000.


Center Township

Tamara Sabel, et al, to Jason Reynolds, home on U.S. Route 30; $70,000.


Brennan Builders to Thomas Titus, condominium on Prestwick Court; $404,980.

County Sheriff (David Hull) to U.S. Bank, home on Blueberry Drive; $114,075.

East Liverpool

Brian Eastham to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Globe Street; $20,000.

Elkrun Township

Thomas and Joyce Johnson to Douglas Faulk, et al, 10 acres on state Route 517; $42,000.

Knox Township

Westhar Ltd. to Salem Design & Manufacturing, property on Westville Lake Road; $30,000.

Aaron and Lindsay Short to Bryan Whinnery, et al, home on Westville Lake Road; $135,000.

Middleton Township

Beverly Pease to Holmco Holdings, 30 acres on Union Ridge Road; $37,850.

Mike and Tracy Brock to Charles Hardee IV, home on Chippewa Trail; $130,000.


Kimberly Jamison to Richard and Lori Juhn, home on Stone Castle Trail; $120,000.

American Homeowner Preservation to Danny and Robin Metzgar, home on Arch Street; $33,300.

James Patterson to Jason Perkins, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $185,742.


Ronald and Regina Owens to Keybank National Association (foreclosure), home on Black Alley; $31,795.

St. Clair Township

Bruce and Wanda Rowley to David Snyder, home and 3.8 acres on Duke Road; $119,780.

Denise and Greg Travis to Christopher and Kristina Davis, home on Spruce Court; $125,000.

Betty Crabtree to Gerald Crabtree, home on Center Street; $2,000.

Unity Township

County Sheriff (Jeff and Mona McCurdy) to Ralph and Cindy Richey, 16 acres on Adams Road; $76,000.

Edward Neiheisel, trustee, to Wade and Kayla Hart, home on Peace Valley Road; $190,000.

Robert and Janice Crowl to Steve Fisher, et al, lot on Whitehill Road; $9,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Richard Henderson to Tom Minor, home on Old Irondale Road; $42,500.

Paul Shilot to Matt and Michelle Gruszecki, home and 8.4 acres on Hammondsville Road; $200,000.

Lana Perkins to Carolyn Taylor, manufactured home and lot on Mick Road; $16,900.


Center Township

Mike Wilson to Joshua Palmer, manufactured home and 1 acre on Trinity Church Road; $64,200.


Rebecca Culbertson to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on South Main Street; $60,000.

East Liverpool

Brian Kerr to Jeremy Maze, home on Ohio Street; $5,000.

Dickey Family Ltd. Partnership to Growmark Inc., warehouse on Virginia Avenue; $200,000.

Jacqueline Bailey to Renee Todd, home on Anderson Boulevard; $54,500.

East Palestine

Jane Knight, et al, to Ron and Jennifer Dean, home on Grandview Avenue; $119,900.

Elkrun Township

County Sheriff (James Adams) to Willard and Beverly Leake, home on state Route 517; $30,000.

Knox Township

Robert Gaffney to Neil and Jessica Muniz, home on U.S. Route 62; $22,500.

New Waterford

Econo Space LLC to Zachary Chamberlain, half interest in storage units on state Route 46: $34,500.

Mark and Valerie Rockenberger to Zachary Chamberlain, half interest in storage units on state Route 46: $34,500.


Julie Clare to Katie R. Faith, home on Franklin Avenue; $68,000.

Ji Zeng Yang to Chen’s OH LLB, Broadway Plaza on East Second Street; $1.1 million.

Jack and Ronald Ruble to Forrest and Karen Wheeler, home on West Eighth Street; $32,500.

Thomas and Debbie Edling to EZ Rentals, home on East Third Street; $67,000.

Wayne Township

Donald Stine to U.S. Bank (foreclosure), home and 5 acres on Spring Valley Road; $176,957.

West Township

U.S. Bank Trustina (Rory and Nancy King) to Mitchell McGuire, home on U.S. Route 30; $70,250.



Janet Armstrong to Corey and Crista Burt, home on Blueberry Drive; $120,000.

East Liverpool

Betty Pierson to Richard and Shelly Javen, home on Minerva Street; $24,000.

Fairfield Township

Zeitler Family Trust to Eileen and Randy McCall, partial interest in home and 14 acres on Kelly Park Road; $61,700.

Hanover Township

Jennifer Needs to James Baird, home on Hostetter Road; $106,000.

Frank McIntosh II, et al, to Frank McIntosh II, et al, home on Parkview Road; $49,300.


Harry Reisinger to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on West Washington Street; $20,000.

Mary Jo and Danny Allison to Newbold Group Inc., commercial property on East Lincoln Way (Steel Trolley Diner Marketplace); $20,000.

Howard and Cathi Friend to Joseph Chuck, home on East Chestnut Street; $96,500.


Village of Leetonia to Brian Cross, lot on Elm Street; $1,750.

Liverpool Township

Antoinette Shelestak to Kristopher Rayl, home on Andrews Street; $96,000.

Knox Township

David and Kimberly Render to Misty Wood, home on Bayard Road; $149,000.

Richard and Connie Stoffer to Gary Eckert, et al, home on Laura Avenue; $120,000.


John and Dorothy Drakulich to JDH Salem Properties, home on Buckeye Road; $59,000.

Bruce and Sandra Huston to Matt and Amanda Hill, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $95,000.

Sandra and Edward Balog to Karen and Robert Coffee Jr., home on Bricker Farm Lane; $131,000.

Robert and Kristina Yuhanick to Theodore and Donna Evans, home on Beechwood Road; $139,800.

Salem Township

Estate of Victor Lynn to Cody and Nicole Phillips, home on Grafton Road; $124,900.

St. Clair Township

Robert Berdine to Prestige Properties, home on Gonzales Avenue; $15,000.

John Wolfe Trust to John Wolfe, lot and garage on Hamilton Street; $36,000.

Alvin and Dorothy Gilbert to Courtney Kind, home on Simmons Street; $65,000.

Unity Township

Mark Kunder to Brent Ford, home and 14 acres on Hamilton Road; $133,900.

Yellow Creek Township

Citifinancial Inc. (John and Kathleen Vennum) to James Houchin, home on 10th Street Extension; $21,000.