Resident reports attempt at ‘Mexican jail’ scam

SALEM – A person who wished to remain anonymous told police about a scam phone call she recently received – one using a scenario that’s been around for years in one form or another.

The incident was reported at 5:34 p.m. Wednesday involving both a female caller and a male caller who attempted to convince the person that a family member had been arrested in Mexico and she needed to wire transfer money get the family member released from jail.

The callers fabricated an elaborate story, with a young female pretending to be the person’s granddaughter or friend of the granddaughter who alleged they had been pulled over in a cab and narcotics were found in the vehicle, resulting in their arrests.

The female provided a number for the person to call a man who was allegedly a police officer. He claimed to be a police sergeant and even provided a badge number and a case number trying to authenticate the scam.

He allegedly told the person $1,500 would need to be wire transferred in order to facilitate the release of the granddaughter. He also told the person not to tell the bank the purpose of the wire transfer.

In the report, the person told police the female on the phone sounded just like her granddaughter but the whole story seemed farfetched and suspicious.

She did not wire any money. She made contact with the granddaughter and affirmed that she had not been to Mexico and was fine.