Judge jails Georgia residents for contempt in estate case

LISBON – Two people who reportedly refused to cooperate with court orders in probate court were taken into custody Friday.

Jamie O’Hara and Joseph McCoy Willman, both of Warner Robins, Ga., were both ordered to serve 14 days in the county jail by Judge Thomas Baronzzi of the Columbiana County Probate Court.

O’Hara and Willman were appearing before Baronzzi as part of court proceedings for O’Hara’s father, John O’Hara. Court documents indicate John O’Hara also had a second heir, Kelly Townsend.

Hearings regarding the will began early last year, and Townsend, the executrix of the estate, eventually filed a complaint with probate court claiming Jamie O’Hara and Willman were hiding assets involved in the will.

In both August and November 2013, Baronzzi requested the two return guns and coins in question to Ohio so they could be properly appraised.

Both O’Hara and Willman appeared before Baronzzi on Friday and had still not complied with the order, despite being given a 30-day extension last month to do so. They were found in contempt of court and taken to the county jail to serve a 14-day sentence.