Real Estate


David and Denise Vitko to Adolph Group Ltd. Partnership, medical clinic on East Park Street; $255,600.

Jayson and Amanda Yeagley to Kevin Rapp, home on Herbster Street; $142,000.

East Liverpool

Darin Stoll to Aaron Stevens, home on West Ninth Street; $12,000.

John and Barbara McCoy to J.M. Champ Enterprises, business property (Hall’s Plumbing & Heating) on Lincoln Avenue; $25,000.

Hayburt Rentals to Keith Everson, home on Fairview Avenue; $15,000.

Brendan McGauley to Miller Family Trust, home on Florence Street; $4,150.

Jeff and Cathy Diddle to Shilot Real Estate, home on West Fourth Street; $30,000.

County Sheriff (Tawnya Irwin) to Northern Hancock Bank & Trust, home on Avondale Street; $6,000.

East Palestine

U.S. Bank Trust (Joseph Krohne) to Sharon Stewart, home on Park Avenue; $40,000.

County Sheriff (Diane Pagani) to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on South Market Street; $40,000.

Hanover Township

Duane and Vicky Lewis to Richard and Abby Snyder, home on Foundry Hill Road; $80,000.

Knox Township

Donald and Catherine Yennie to Donald and Marcella Yennie, 65 acres on Center Road; $140,000.

Larry and Rosemary Koehn to Rachael Volokhov, home on Center Road; $165,000.


Daniel Schloemer, et al, to Emerson Holdings LLC, home on Orchard Hill Road; $60,000.

Liverpool Township

Roberta Baker to Scott Knavel, home on Beacon Way; $15,000.

Ron and Virginia Montgomery to Joseph and Deborah Pappes, home on Forest Hills Drive; $289,000.

Adam and Debra Hoover to Joseph McNear Jr., home and 23 acres on Annesley Road; $304,000.

Madison Township

Bridget and Milton Cook II to Rosebud Mining Co., 23 acres on state Route 45; $214,000.

Middleton Township

Elmer Sommers Jr. to Harvey and Cindy Schlabach, home on state Route 154; $18,000.

Perry Township

Nancy Sherman, et al, to Doreen Sheck, home on Manor Drive; $163,000.

Ron and Dawn Vest to Stephen and Lynn Yamokokski, home on Conser Drive; $95,000.


Frances Goetz to Salem Heritage Inn, privage club building on West Fourth Street; $300,000.

JP Morgan Chases Bank (Matthew Keyes) to Drew Hannay, condominium on West Pershing Street; $19,000.

U.S. Bank National Association (Steven and Cheryl Stoner) to EK Wilson Properties, home on East Seventh Street; $27,500.

Angela Panezott to Joseph Sarchione, et al, home on North Union Avenue; $75,000.

Bank of New York (Patricia Hall) to Terry Sanford, home on North Ellsworth; $34,000.

Betty Borrelli to Eric Borrelli, home on Superior Avenue; $12,000.

Salem Township

Thomas and Chris Price to Jeff and Sandra Messenger, home and 10 acres on Cunningham Road; $70,000.

St. Clair Township

Greg and Denise Travis to 3G5 Ltd., home and 6 acres on Sprucevale Road; $175,000.

George Hall to Clay Ingram, home on Trotter Road; $95,000.


Theresa Shasteen, et al, to Randy Reed, home on East Main Street; $36,000.

West Township

Alma Carpenter to Miranda and Christopher Cayton, manufactured home and property on 12th Street; $16,000.

County Sheriff (Susan Statesir) to Scott Steele, manufactured home, 9 acres on Lynchburg Road; $92,000.