Butler Township

Damascus Station 62 LLC to 514 North Market Realty, service station on U.S. Route 62; $148,500.


Dwayne and Ora Allison to Leonard and Barbara Dailey, home on Springfield Avenue: $111,000.

Wells Fargo Bank (Mike and Megan Bettura) to Amy and Jeff Jackson, home on Parkview Drive; $82,854.

Carrie and Frank Rayl Jr. to Greg and Deann Russell, home on North Middle Street; $162,500.

Brennan Builders to to M-Judson Wallace, condominium Prestwick Court; $275,000.

Gary and Candace Morgan to Scott McDaniel, et al, home on James Street; $95,000.

East Liverpool

Cedar Gable Rentals to Jeffrey Nally, home on Ravine Street; $13,500.

Stephen Richman to Kyle Hazelet, home on Ohio Avenue; $17,000.

East Palestine

Dennis Claypool, et al, to Michelle DiBartolomeo, home on Alice Street; $78,500.

Elkrun Township

Mervin and Joann Fisher to Vernon and Lynette Rhodes, 80 acres and a pole building on state Route 154; $234,087.

William and Sandra Vidis to Jason Buff, home and 4.2 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $156,000.

Fairfield Township

Greg and Deann Russell to Aaron Peterson, home on state Route 164; $150,000.

Franklin Township

Dustin Rhodes to Timothy and Maureen Dickey, 8 acres on Foundry Hill Road; $25,000.

Knox Township

Estate of Mark Davies to Matthew and Melissa Johnston, home on Hartley Road; $47,500.

Shirley Granger to Mark and Tiffany Kelmann, home and 2 acres on Bandy Road; $189,000.

Jack and Laura Coldsnow to Matthew Rhoads, home on Main Street; $25,000.

Madison Township

Patricia Baker to Farnsworth Family Trust, 77 acres on McCormick Run Road; $374,000.

Middleton Township

Dennis and Marla Johanning to Cory Brittian, et al, home and 3 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $92,400.

Jake and Anna Wengerd to Melvin and Roseanna Byler, 5 acres on Millrock Road; $12,500.

Perry Township

Michael Senanefes to Ora and Daisy Jordan, home on East Pidgeon Road; $155,000.


Patrick Martines to Ted and Mary Lomax, commercial property on West Wilson Street; $15,000.

Chalmers and Elizabeth Perkins to Robert Quinn, home on Maple Street; $58,900.

St. Clair Township

Estate of Wilbur Myers to Lindsay Flesch, home on Hoppel Drive; $45,000.

Richard Peterson, trustee, to Patricia Baker, home on Lakeview Circle; $130,000.

Ila Horger to Jeb Pike, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $77,000.

Wayne Township

Richard Wolfe to Charles Grubbs, manufactured home and lot on Day Road; $44,700.


Richard Vaness to Shirley Kingerfelt, home on 17th Street, Wellsville; $46,200.

West Township

John Ruder to Martin Louive, home on Walker Road; $61,000.

Jennifer Park to Bobby Francis, home on Circle Drive; $92,500.


Butler Township

Kenneth Pettit to Rebecca Brown, home on Hartley Road; $84,500.

Alice Pettit to Rebecca Brown, home on Hartley Road; $84,500.

Ray and Michelle Carver to Corey and Katherine Ramsey, home and 3.6 acres on Hartley Road; $205,000.

Center Township

Dale Baker to Kevin McKenzie Prus, home on state Route 164; $55,000.


Vernon Douglas, et al, to Thomas and Shirley Ferrano, home on Pueblo Lane; $133,000.

National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corp. to Wimsatt Family LLC, commercial property on Nulf Drive; $750,000.

County Sheriff (Eric and Amy Tyger) to Morsquity Inc., home on Fairfield Avenue; $40,200.

Bruce and Ann Wise to Kurt and Lauren Eisenbraun, home on North Elm Street; $151,000.

East Liverpool

Ricky Wolfe to Robert and Jennifer Smith, home on Holliday Street; $59,000.

Kevin Saxon to Patricia and Charles Brown, duplex on Jefferson Street; $54,600.

William and Donald Fetty to LMJP Holdings Inc., home on Sophia Street; $2,000.

East Palestine

Claybrook Development to John and Nancy Veon, condominium on Claybrook Drive; $175,000.

Fairfield Township

Nelson Mitchell II, et al, to Vernon Guy, et al, home on Lower Elkton Road; $236,500.

Gregory and Nancy Tompkins to Tim and Laura Woida, home on Woodvale Lane; $250,000.

Hanover Township

George North to David and Jacquelyn Smith, et al; 31 acres on state Route 172; $207,246.


Joseph and Kathleen Piscitani to James and Barbara Smith, commercial property on East Lincoln Way and Nelson Avenue; $75,000.

Madison Township

Carol Parson to Tom Owens, partial interest in home on Y & O Road; $21,400.

Middleton Township

Aaron Stevens to Lake Tomahawk Property Association, lot on Tomahawk Drive; $1,700.

Perry Township

Ruth Huggins to Steve and Sherri Gifford, home on Elberon Avenue; $72,900.

Frederick Roth to Michael Cutlip, home on state Route 344; $152,200.

Louise Roberts to Kennie Croskey, home on Southridge Drive; $142,000.


Estate of Karl Zellers to Connor and Melissa Thompson, home on Lincoln Avenue; $184,000.

Francis and Tammy Burkhart to Halverstadt Properties, home on New Garden Avenue; $14,200.

Douglas and Daniel Dickerhoof to Kenneth and Judy Brown, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $28,000.

William Helman to Kandace Cleland, home on South Union Avenue; $72,680.

Frances Baughman to Patricia and Kenneth Reagle Jr., home on Buckeye Road; $84,500.

Salem Township

Mary Johnson to Kenneth and Marjorie Dustman, home on Salem Grange Road; $25,000.

St. Clair Township

Jason Enochs to David Hoppel, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $117,500.

John Diddle to SMN Holdings, vacant lot on East Liverpool Road; $60,000.

Tiffany Hamilton to Kenneth Delposen, manufactured home and property on Irish Ridge Road; $19,000.

Gregory and Stephenie Cousins to Anthony Cousins, home on St. Clair Avenue; $130,000.

Helen Duffy to William and Othella McKeever, condominium on Sprucevale Road; $120,000.

Janet Carroll to SMW Holdings, commercial building on East Liverpool Road; $70,000.

County Sheriff (Sandra and William Bittinger Jr.) to Martin and Constance Yeany, home on Cannons Mill Road; $46,000.

Unity Township

Titan Construction Inc. to David and Winifred Crowe, 7 acres on Maple Grove Lane; $23,000.

Titan Construction Inc. to J. Daniel Simon, 0.3 acre lot on Maple Grove Lane; $9,000.

Wells Fargo Bank (Roger and Diana Miller) to Trevor Reiser, home on Macklin Road; $99,000.

Jonathan and Margaret Oliver to Josiah Montgomery, home on Beaver Circle; $220,000.

Wayne Township

Lawrence and Gerri Bregar to Bounty Minerals, mineral rights to 46 acres on Laughlin Road; $347,857.

James Derrenger to Bounty Minerals II, mineral rights to 40 acres on Applegate Road; $340,440.


Paul and Christine Bost to Daryl and Shannon Caldwell, home on Lincoln Avenue; $47,000.

Jay Williamson to Codey Galloway, home on Danburgy Avenue; $40,000.

West Township

Gene and Pearl Bergman, trustees, to Amber Fowler, 1 acre on Lynchburg Road; $10,000.

James and Bobbi Lovejoy to Andrew and Martha Yoder, home and 6.3 acres on West Egypt Road; $53,500.

Sandra Howell to Brian and Kelly Ward, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $88,200.

Jeff and Danielle Sanders to Craig Herring, et al, home on Ridge Road; $153,000.

Randall and Connie Brewer to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on Quaker Church Lane; $84,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Paul and Marguerite Shilot to Rodney and Deborah Lyle, vacant property on Township Line Road; $3,500.


Butler Township

Helping Hands Housing I to UTV Property, home on Walnut Street; $64,400.

Cynthia Laverne, trustees, et al, to Strong Family Investments, home on Woodsdale Road; $155,000.


Michael and Nicole Jones to Julie Drewnoski, home on Fairfield Avenue; $77,500.

I. Kathleen Moser to Juan Villagurez, home on South Elm Street; $75,000.

East Liverpool

Tina and Annette Volino to Allison Speers, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $79,000.

Gina Bissell to Douglas and Anarean Robinson, Italian-American Club building on Pennsylvania Avenue; $53,500.

Donald Cramer to Ronald Buzzard, home on First Avenue; $1,000.

East Palestine

Dorothy Musser to Tim Lambright, home on South Market Street; $32,000.

Carolyn Fulton to Thomas Watkins, home on East North Avenue; $54,000.

Robert and Candice Chesnut to Lori Spratt, home on Alice Street; $68,000.

County Sheriff (Kevin and Sharon Welsh) to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Garfield Avenue; $20,000.

Fairfield Township

Baer Auctioneer Realty to Wade and Connie Baer, home and 5 acres on state Route 558; $98,000.

John and Christine Oliver to Jonathan and Margeret Oliver, home and 13 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $290,000.

Knox Township

U.S. Bank National Association (Richard and Amy Johnson) to Brian Stidham, home on Lake Front Drive; $15,500.


Marjorie Sharpe to Erica Ford, home on Pine Street; $30,000.

Joyce Stewart, trustee, et al, to JBEK Investments, home on East Pine Street; $22,000.

Madison Township

Dennis and Marilyn Stoddard to Prestige Properties, home on Y & O Road; $17,000.

Junior and Mary Skinner to Nathan Daniels Jr., et al, home and 1.5 acres on Johnson Road; $75,000.

Middleton Township

County Sheriff (Ietta Mendez) to Carol and John Deichler, home on Tomahawk Drive; $80,000.


Michael Kopachy to Mark McClintock, home on Beechwood Road; $157,000.

Harry Jackson to Joseph and Kathleen Boyd, home on Jennings Avenue; $50,000.

Doreen Burk, et al, to Joseph and Kathleen Boyd, home on Jennings Avenue; $50,000.

Lola Gray to Kenneth Foust, et al, home on Park Avenue; $87,500.

Salem Township

Rhonda Farmer to Dean Farmer, 38 acres on Eagleton Road; $38,572.


Kevin and Linda Beadnell to Judy Nickalo, home on Church Street; $1,200.

Matthew Smith to Julie Kidder, property on Salineville Road; $4,500.

Rebecca Dickson to George Dickson, manufactured home on Washington Street; $6,000.

St. Clair Township

Roberta Allen to Wesley and Marjorie McCune, home on Y & O Road; $43,000.

Donald Cramer to Cody Weyand, home on Samuel Street; $5,000.

Unity Township

Robert and Darlene Buzash to John Urichko III, home on Timber Run Street; $143,500.


County Sheriff (Janice and Willis Warren Jr.) to U.S. Bank National Association, home on Walnut Street; $14,000.

Wayne Township

Cliffored F. Goodballet III to Bounty Minerals LLC, mineral rights to 100 acres on state Route 164; $394,940.

Jeff and Diane Smith to Bounty Minerals LLC, mineral rights to 132 acres on Applegate Road; $495,843.

West Township

Robert Jackson to Timothy Rhodes, home on Quaker Church Road; $57,500.