Real Estate

Butler Township

Robert and Pamela Denny to Jeffrey Biery, 1.3 acres on Woodsend Drive; $24,000.

Derek and Brooke Day to Shauna Bardo, home on U.S. Route 62; $85,000.

Center Township

Joseph and Barbara Craig to Robert and Ursula Digman, home on Megan Place; $105,500.

Guilford Lake Develpment to Wimsett Family LLC, trailer park on Depot Road and state Route 172; $264,388.


Paul and Marie Lipp to Donald Gintz, trustee, home on East Park Avenue; $160,000.

Bank of New York to Jeff and Heather Long, home on North Elm Street; $71,359.

Joyce Ann Sanders to Thomas and Bonnie Oliver, home on Fairfield School Road; $40,000.

East Liverpool

Harbour Portfolio VIII to Willard Rayl, home on Lisbon Street; $15,000.

Robert Bosco to Elizabeth Connor, home on Williams Avenue; $100,000.

Gary and Patricia Williams to Fred and Denise Ebert, home on Ohio Avenue; $28,000.

County Sheriff to Northern Hancock Bank and Trust Co., home on Ravine Street; $10,000.

East Palestine

James and Mary Tyger to Jose and Pamela Martinez, lot on Malibu Drive; $8,315.

Fairfield Township

Larry Frangos to Victoria Filippolo, 24 acres on state Route 7; $38,600.


R. Michael Blaner Jr. to Sidney Petroleum LLC, home on state Route 9; $100,000.

Hanover Township

Robert Vuhanick and James Sturgeon to James Sturgeon, lot on Charlton Street; $14,050.

James Sturgeon to Travis and Danielle Wright, lot on Charlton Street; $32,000.

Christopher and Kimberly Clark to Reuben and Jessalyn Rockwell, home on Pass Lane; $125,000.

Jacquelyn Smith, trustee, to Jay and Pamela Herron, 24 acres on Tunnel Hill Road; $161,409.

21st Mortgage Corp. to Jarrod Craft, manufactured home and 2 acres on Schneider Road; $92,900.

Mark and Nina Chestnut to Bank of America (foreclosure), home on state Route 30; $150,000.


Matthew or Emily Elser to Joshua Sekerak Sr., and Jennifer N. Paskall, home on Sleep Hollow Drive; $77,000.

Madison Township

County Sheriff (Clyde and Penny Malone) to JP Morgan Chase Bank, manufactured home on Osbourne Road; $20,000.

Middelton Township

Heidi Scott to Ervin and David Miller, home and 7 acres on Carmel Achor Road; $34,400.

Perry Township

Jill Ervin to Glen and Judith Herron, home on Conser Drive; $63,000.

Agnes Tullis to Kevin Billingsley, home and 2 acres on Georgetown Road; $146,000.


Don Santee to LLN Holdings, 11 acres on Allen Road; $200,000.

Lisbon Maintenance Co. to Wimsett Family LLC, home and other lots on Lundy Avenue; $733,940.

Carolyn Oberle to J. Brian and Melissa Carter, trustees, home on East 11th Street; $98,500.

Bank of America (Anthony and Jenny Alfman) to Burton Sutter III, home on East Third Street; $27,500.

Elmer Sommers Jr. to Lucinda Oldaker, lot on Franklin Avenue; $2,760.

Charles Bickerton to M & T Bank (foreclosure), home on Mound Street; $26,000.

Penny Mac Corp (Tom Talkington) to Donald Ross, home on South Union Avenue; $20,109.

Salem Township

Eleanor Kampfer to Jason and Jamie Madden, home on state Route 164; $147,000.


Laura Thorne to Ronald Good, home on West Main Street; $52,000.

St. Clair Township

Michael and Jacquelyn Sarisky to Robert and Robin Bosco, condominium on Eagle Drive; $155,000.

Anthony Tomaselli, et al, to Joseph Wines, et al, home on Clifton Avenue; $130,000.

Christopher Seeley to Brian and Julie Mick, home on state Route 267: $24,500.

Ronald Rabassi to Brandon Guy, et al, home and 3 acres on Duke Road; $298,500.

Jamie L. Keys to Craig and Carla Samsa, home on Summit Drive; $85,000.


Pauline Howell to James Mallory Ltd., home on Nevada Street; $50,000.

Nathan and Ashley Butler to Zed Dandson, home on Trotter Road, East Liverpool; $118,000.

West Township

James Lovejoy to Elizabeth and Christopher Packard, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $129,000.