Owner of Motorcycle Dream Shop faces drug, stolen property charges

LISBON – The owner of the Motorcycle Dream Shop, Jeffrey M. Skidmore, 34, South Market Street, Lisbon, has been served a secret indictment for both drug-related and receiving stolen property charges.

Skidmore is charged with permitting drug abuse, two counts of possession of a vehicle with tampered identifying numbers, two counts receiving stolen property and two counts possession of drugs. One of the receiving stolen property charges is a fourth-degree felony. The remaining charges are fifth-degree felonies and first-degree misdemeanors.

The Motorcycle Dream Shop, located just south of the county courthouse, was raided by local authorities, including members of the drug task force, on May 2. At the time, investigators said both suspected drugs and possibly stolen vehicle parts were found inside the business.

The charges issued by the county grand jury, which met last week, claim on April 25 Skidmore, had a 1995 GMC 1500 pickup belonging to Cecil Motors of New Martinsville, W.Va., which had the vehicle identification number altered.

Additionally, on May 2, the date of the raid, Skidmore reportedly had a 1991 Suzuki motorcycle frame, also with the vehicle identification number altered. On the same date, Skidmore is accused of being in possession of heroin and cocaine.

Finally, from January through May 2, 2014 Skidmore allegedly permitted drug abuse to occur by other people at the Dream Shop.

The day after the raid, Skidmore or someone working at the Motorcycle Dream Shop had posted a sign on the door of the business, which claimed “We do not sell drugs! The bikes that they took were legal bikes! They were owned by 3 of my hard working customers! We “R” open!”

The sign was not there Tuesday.

Skidmore was served on Monday with the charges and is due to appear in Common Pleas Court for arraignment on Aug. 7.