Center Township

Lori Magill, et al, to Randy Muntean, home on state Route 172; $50,000.


Verna Cotton to Kaye Gregory, et al, home on Meadow Place; $134,000.

George and Geraldine Morris to Frank and Carrie Rayl, condominium on East Springfield Road; $118,000.

Patricia McIlduff to LWS LLC, home on James Street; $70,000.

145 Development Co. to Norfolk Southern Railway, 1 acre on Nulf Drive; $27,000.

USA Concrete Speciality to Norfolk Southern Railway, commercial property on Nulf Drive; $323,000.

East Liverpool

Ross Poynter to Ian Andrews, lot on Vernia Street; $3,000.

Midwest Home Rentals to Sleepy Hollow Real Estate, home on Prospect Street; $8,500.

Ronald and Amanda Bombich to Nathan and Ashley Butler, home on St. Clair Avenue; $138,900.

Wayne and Erica Riggle to Natasha Wells, home on Oak Street; $5,000.

Stephen Lee to Aaron Stevens, home on Lincoln Avenue; $46,000.

Stephen and April Thomas to Rodney McCourt, home on Haywood Street; $28,300.

Aaron Stevens to Stephen Lee, home on East Sixth Street; $15,000.

Elkrun Township

Oleta McMillan to Sue Strobel, et al, partial interest in land and buildings on Lusk Lock Road; $69,741.

Fairfield Township

John Demidovich to Douglas and Barbara Barber, home on Maple Drive; $75,000.

Hanover Township

Gruber Family Trust to Daniel and Peggy Haueter, home on state Route 172; $75,000.

Knox Township

Vasile and Cheryl Dragonmir to Kelly Dragomir, home on Westville Lake Road; $132,000.

David Reed to Harold and Darla Austin, home on Center Road; $96,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Nicholas Donaldson, home on Homeworth Road; $25,500.


Jeffrey DeRienzo to Jocalyn Whittenberger, home on Park Street; $55,000.


Home Savings & Loan to Strong Family Investments, home on East Washington Street; $50,000.

County Sheriff (Vinson Weyant) to Huntington National Bank, former New Lisbon Antiques & Gifts store on South Lincoln Avenue; $20,000.

Liverpool Township

Estate of J. Darlene Porter to Tony and George Davis Jr., home and 8 acres on Campground Road; $164,000.

Joyce Barbaree to Michael and Amanda Cunningham, home on Broadview Circle; $120,000.

Ben and Meredith Sluder to Stephen Thomas, home on Seventh Avenue; $33,000.

Northern Hancock Bank & Trust (Scott Shreve) to Ralph and Kathryn Houshour, home on Lisbon Street; $10,000.

Madison Township

County Sheriff (Louis Ehlenbach) to Citifinancial Services, manufactured home and 2.5 acres on Glasgow Road; $51,000.

Charles Phillipson to Lauren and Oliver Humphrey Jr., home on state Route 45; $88,000.

Middleton Township

Jonathan and Mary Trahan to Edwin and Danita Marcaro, home on Yuma Trail; $180,000.

Perry Township

David Snyder to Nationstar Mortgage (foreclosure), home on North Ohio Boulevard; $50,667.

Dorothy Arter to Elizabeth Kuhns, home on Southridge Drive; $135,000.


Christopher Haney to Cody and Kellen Smetlzer, home on Homewood Avenue; $89,900.

Richard and Cheryl Citino to Jeffrey and Cynthia Derienzo, home on East 10th Street; $150,000.

William and Vickie Nelson to Kurt Smith, home on Cleveland Street; $71,500.

John and Stephanie Pierson to Jason Green, home on East Ninth Street; $99,900.

Cara Sanor to White Donuts LLC, commercial property (Yard Bark Feed Store) on West State Street; $115,000.

Duane Barton to John and Kimberly Monroe, home on Summit Street; $67,500.

Salem Township

Deutsche Bank to Zachary Biser, home on state Route 558; $48,000.

St. Clair Township

Brian and Connie Rosenlieb to Andrew Gerren, home on Lincoln Street; $92,500.

Unity Township

Jerry and Lori Muraco to Ronald and Loretta Tindell, home on Neeld Road; $107,900.

Guiliano Battaglini to Mary Epley, et al, home on Foxwood Lane; $189,900.


Lois Carr to Joanne McCauley, home on Broadway; $8,500.

West Township

Sommers Family Revocable Living Trust to WMMTT Ltd., home and 104 acres on Rochester Road; $816,200.

Shirley Morris to Irene Morris, home on Lowmiller Road; $13,500.