Butler Township

Zelda Doak to Thomas and John Rill, lot on Valley Road; $2,000.

Clarence Lease Jr., et al, to Scrabble Properties Ltd., 26 acres on Carey Road; $40,000.

Clarence Lease Jr. to Scrabble Properties Ltd., 3 acres and farm buildings on Carey Road; $166,370.


David and Eugenia Hamilton to Robert O’Connor, home on Stonehaven Drive; $243,000.

Patricia Boldt to Nationstar Mortgage (foreclosure), home on South Middle Street; $50,250.

Dale and Victoria Stamp to Dean Stamp, partial interest in home on North Pearl Street; $12,500.

East Liverpool

Robert and Diane Osborn to Carl and Shirley Johnson, 2 lots on West Ninth Street; $400.

Nedra Kidder to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on Harvey Avenue; $14,000.

Alva Thornhill to Susan and Leon Rubin, home on West Fourth Street; $29,500.

East Palestine

Tonya Barber to Christopher Brown, home on Evergreen Drive; $113,000.

Margaret Pappada to Billie Jo Miller, home on North Market Street; $85,000.

Beth Holisky to James Dolan, home on West Martin Street; $44,000.

Elkrun Township

Gregory and Beth Ewing to Lee and Christine Davis, home and 6.5 acres on state Route 154; $369,900.

Fairfield Township

Louise Channell to Brandon Davner, home on Crestview Road; $175,000.

Hanover Township

Barbara Amon to Thomas and Caron Richey, manufactured home and 1.7 acres on Richey School Road; $34,047.

Nancy Smith to Ted and Carolyn Marroulis, manufactured home and lot on Walton Drive; $40,000.

Knox Township

Philip Warga III to Marcus Durley, 1.5 acres on Bayard Road; $12,000.


Melanie Chidester, trustee, to Marjorie Brewer, home on West Maple Street; $14,000.

Liverpool Township

David and Thelma Gabbert to John Gamble Jr., 2 lots on Dunn Road; $15,000.

Madison Township

Kelly and Nathan Sprouse to Milton and Bridget Cook, 13 acres Cream Ridge Road; $37,000.

Aaron Fraser to Ronald Knight, et al, manufactured home and property on state Route 45; $46,000.

County Sheriff (Richard Tucker) to James Hall Jr., home and 1.8 acres on Guy Road; $50,000.

Middleton Township

Ronald and Judith Gordon to Ethel and Ronald Miller Jr., home and 14 acres on Fredericktown-Clarkson Road; $158,000.

New Waterford

Charles Oliver to Michael and Lorraine Davis, home on North State Street; $112,800.

Perry Township

Steven and Pamela Skiba to Anthony Maroni, home on Hampton Place; $195,000.

Korena Ferguson to Jessica Stratton, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $46,800.


Joseph Mong to Robert and Dorothy Stallsmith, home on Carole Drive; $109,900.

Sharon and George Boso Jr. to Clarence Fields II, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $114,000.

Charles Holtzmiller to John Brackin Jr., home on Arch Street; $15,000.

Gary Snyder to Raynoldo Ganaceal, home on East Sixth Street; $115,000.

William Mehno, deceased, to William and Jennifer Neapolitan, home on Merle Road; $100,000.

Salem Township

Anthony Maroni to Louis McKee, home and 5 acres on state Route 45; $135,000.

St. Clair Township

George and Joanne Gamble to Christopher and Leigh Ann Straight, home on Sunset Lane; $119,000.

Herbert and Marjorie Moore to Jeff Kidder, et al; home on Summerset Drive; $137,500.

Jackman Vodrey to Corby and Teresa Winterburn, home on Main Street; $67,205.

Unity Township

Dennis and Brenda Germadnik to Jannette Wysel, home on Walnut Grove Lane; $152,900.

Wayne Township

County Sheriff (Thomas and Billie Weaver) to Bank of America, home and 2.5 acres on Glasgow Road; $46,000.


David Palmer to Johnny and Lori Elkins, home on Broadway; $25,000.

Becky Pack to Martha Shust, et al, home on Main Street; $41,300.

EH Pooled 114 LP to Kathy Lawrence, home on Clark Avenue; $19,275.

TP PA 1 LLC to Keith Russell, property on Broadway; $10,000.

West Township

Chase Nichols to Robert and Sherry Lippiatt, 3.1 acres and pole building on Quaker Church Road; $22,000.

Erroll Jordan to Wild Duck Hollow Farm Partnership, 76 acres on Kettering Road; $150,000.


Butler Township

Robert and Dorothy Stallsmith to Frederick Roth, home and 9.5 acres on King Road; $142,000.

Center Township

Alice Kitchen to Nathan Gray, et al, manufactured home and 1.2 acres on Trinity Church Road; $10,000.

William Murray, et al, to Ralph Pieren, home on U.S. Route 30; $48,000.


Edward and Jill Rankin to Nathan Good, et al, home on Cherokee Lane; $155,000.

William and Pamela Kerrigan to Brandy Rosa, home on Hawkins Lane; $192,500.

Korisa McCoy to Travis and Jennifer Burton, home on East Friend Street; $103,500.

East Liverpool

Michael Markmeyer to Joseph and Georgia Hager, home on St. George Street; $28,100.

County Sheriff (Emma Boughey) to Deutsche Bank, home on Beachwood Street; $62,608.

JP Morgan Chases Bank (Roberto Grogg, et al) to EH Pooled 114 LP, home on Jefferson Street; $11,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank (Alan and Candace Richey) to David Gooding, home on Ohio Avenue; $11,000.

Johnny Johnson to John Wakeley, home on Etruria Street; $47,500.

East Palestine

David and Brenda McCormick to Travis Toot, home on East Martin Street; $87,900.

Mathilda Bruno to Mike and Teresa Ash, home on South Street; $28,350.

Elkrun Township

STG Landing Co. to Welding Improvement Co., 3 acres on Stookesberry Road; $9,000.

Fairfield Township

Jason and Jennie Moore to Amanda Tkacik, home on Kelly Park Road; $160,000.

Franklin Township

Christine Awad to Gibby Miller, home on McSwiggen Road; $87,800.

Reed and Jeanice Boon to Jonathan and Kimberly Sabatino, home on Main Street, Millport; $20,350.

Hanover Township

Paul and Joyce Boudreau to Roland and Leonda Bryer, home on Votaw Drive; $89,000.

Bernard Wittenmyer to Lisa Kerry, 1.4 acres on North Ridge Place; $30,000.

Knox Township

County Sheriff to Bank of New York, home and 8 acres on Bowman Road; $60,000.

Millard and Mariam McMillen to Sean Bailey, home on Buck Road; $65,000.

County Sheriff (Kevin Wasmire) to Vertical Mortgage Fund, home on Hartley Road; $81,595.


Marilyn Gabriel, co-trustee, et al, to Gary Lang, home on Pearl Street; $27,500.

Liverpool Township

Carl Gatrell to Michael and Liza Stuchell, property on Seventh Avenue; $20,000.

Bonnie Davis Trust to Lin and James Reed, home on Gilson Avenue; $75,000.

Amanda Geer, administrator, to Tina and Annette Volino, home on Fisher Avenue; $33,000.

Madison Township

Annie Jones and James Jones Jr. to Debra Smith, partial interest in home on Taggart Drive; $46,500.

Colleen Jones and James Jones Jr. to Debra Smith, partial interest in home on Taggart Drive; $46,500.

Middleton Township

Sandra Gorby to Kevin Caldwell, home and 4.5 acres on Dyke Road; $77,000.

Margie Chisler to Joshua and Sarah Gilbert, home on Amarillo Drive; $215,000.

Perry Township

Kelli McDevitt to Mike Shulas, home on Old Coach Lane; $152,500.

Wayne Laughlin to Barbara Karlen, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $140,000.


Thomas Doyle Holdings LLC to MMC Investment Properties, restaurant/bar on South Ellsworth Avenue (Hickory Rib); $79,200.

Ethel Carlariello to Kimberly and Johnny Myers, home on West Third Street; $15,000.

Sephora Lucas estate to Patricia Wagner, home on Southeast Boulevard; $113,000.

St. Clair Township

Martin and Constance Yeany to Robert Hohr, home on Cannons Mill Road; $65,000.

Josephine and John Falone Jr. to James and Holli Lovejoy, home on Cannons Mill Road; $121,200.

Unity Township

Robert and Tamela Peddicord to Reese Thompson, condominium on Myway Lane; $153,000.

Brodhead Auto Sales & Service to James and Lorri Vance, 17 acres of vacant lane on state Route 14; $69,080.

Yellow Creek Township

David Stewart to Jarrad and Crystal Williams, home on 10th Street Extension; $8,500.


Butler Township

Estate of Olga Brodzinski to Terry Scott Jr., home and 13.6 acres on Georgetown Road; $135,000.

Center Township

Recon Resources to Lateralia LLC, 107 acres on Crosser Road; $319,000.

Allan and Mary Foster to David and Elaine Harris, manufactured home and garage on state Route 172; $54,500.


William and Shirley Strishock to David Flynn Inc., property on Main Street; $150,000.

Meadowbrooke Development to Debra Skorich, 4 lots on Homestead Drive; $167,700.

Janice Anderson to Landon Weyand, home on West Park Avenue; $67,500.

Otis and Mary Crum to Heather Edwards, home on Blueberry Drive; $117,500.

East Liverpool

Richard Fry to Lonnie Ice, home on Lisbon Street; $79,900.

David and Lois Ryan to LOBO Brothers, home on Orchard Grove; $25,000.

East Palestine

The Way Station Inc. to Joseph and Patricia Elder, lot on East High Street; $8,500.

Elkrun Township

Gary and Nancy McCamon to James Gildersleeve, 27 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $933.

Gary and Nancy McCamon to Sherry Seachrist, 27 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $933.

Fairfield Township

Melissa Sferra to Mike McCloud, et al, home on Lower Elkton Road; $65,000.

Clarence and Priscilla Mansfield to Harold and Elizabeth Nelson, home on Madison Drive; $113,000.

Jerry and Kay Eckman to Ryan Brow, manufactured home and 2.7 acres on state Route 7; $131,500.

Mary Cerzo, et al, to Mary Harding, home on Middleton Road; $5,000.

Knox Township

Gary and Barbara Ware to Donald and Tori Jewell, home on Bowman Road; $200,000.

Gavin McLaughlin to Christian Pilares manufactured home and 8 acres on Knox School Road; $152,000.


Estate of Shirley Johansen to Anna Bach, home on Main Street; $6,000.

Carl Deffenbaugh to Mitchell Deffenbaugh, home on Chestnut Street; $28,600.

Liverpool Township

Ibar Bajwa to Joshua and Jennifer Reed, home on Fisher Avenue; $75,000.

Terry McDevitt to Robert Mackall III, home on Camground Road; $18,000.

Joseph and Anna Wickham to John Walker, home on Pleasant Street; $125,000.

Barbara Wasson to Barbara and Joseph Recek Jr., manufactured home and 3.1 acres on Oak Grove Road; $30,000.

Madison Township

Janice Mays to Bruce Mays, home on County Airport Road; $64,500.

Middleton Township

Philip Bellville, et al, to Amanda Bellville, home and 2.3 acres on Quay Road; $10,000.

Perry Township

Meredith Long to Salem Hunt Club, 17 lots on Maryland and Wisconsin avenues; $17,000.

Matthew Moore to Jason and Sara Harkleroad, home on East 11th Street; $118,500.


Larry and Brenda Johnson to Christopher Johnson, 0.4 lot on Bricker Farms Lane; $23,000.

Mark Hamilton to Steven and Kelly Kuttler, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $8,500.

Joseph Sarchione, et al, to Kristina Banet, home on North Union Avenue; $179,900.

Estate of James Minamyer to Carsten Holm, home on Franklin Avenue; $36,500.

Elwood and Cheryl Woolman to Rusty Davis, home on East State Street; $85,000.

Judith Halverstadt to Arnold and Pamela Guntrum, home on East State Street; $25,000

Karen and Richard Gurlea Jr. to Bryan an Dacia Weingart, home on East Eighth Street; $65,500.

Reichenbach Family Trust to Robert and Mildred Hannay, condominium on Maple Street; $88,500.

Salem Township

Brenda Corder to Randal and Debra Rogers, home on state Route 14: $10,500.

St. Clair Township

Kris Parsons, et al, to Erich and Peggy Stephenson, home on Sidehill Road; $130,000.

Donna Sheville to John and Joyce Gamble, property on Carroll Road; $37.

John and Joyce Gamble to Donna Sheville, property on Carroll Road; $425.

Unity Township

Charles and Sharon Tarnovich to Adam and Amy Sienerth, home on state Route 14: $86,900.

Washington Township

Sarah Parrish to Emily and David Grace Jr., home and 2.2 acres on Hazel Run Road; $23,500.


Robert Byrd to Anthony Bradley, commercial property (barber shop) on Main Street; $500.

Anthony Bradley to Cassius LLC, commercial property (barber shop) on Main Street; $3,521.

County Sheriff (Martin Fletcher) to Huntington National Bank, home on Washington Street; $12,000.


Butler Township

Shirley Willis to Richard Adams, home on Carey Road; $66,000.

Center Township

James Ewing to Jerritt Skiba, home and 2.1 acres on state Route 172; $87,500.


County Sheriff (Ashleigh Parker) to Christiana Trust, home on Elm Street; $32,000.

John Karlis to Kimberly Hughes, home on North Vine Street; $123,000.

Terry Yarian to Deah Stamp, home on North Pearl Street; $12,500.

East Liverpool

T&T Tavern Inc. to Soaring Eagle LLC, commercial building (former Town Tavern) on South Market Street; $17,000.

Betty Harper to Edward Arnold, home on Blakely Street; $30,000.

Betty Harper to Edward Arnold, property on Blakley Street; $5,000.

Rachael Troup to Joan Stowers, home on Ohio Avenue; $15,000.

Julie Morgan to Bradley Turner, home on North Shady Lane; $80,000.

East Palestine

Tim Bodnar to Willard and Beverly Leake, home on Carbon Hill Road; $1,000.

Elkrun Township

P. Terry Milhoan, et al, to Jess and Kristy Milhoan, home and 5 acres on Elkton Road; $85,000.

Franklin Township

Gary Davison to Gary Davison, et al, manufactured home on Foundry Hill Road; $66,000.

Hanover Township

Ray Robinson to Clifford Alberte, et al, home on Camp Boulevard; $27,250.

Knox Township

David and Casey Pancurak to Joseph Rose, home on Circle Drive; $80,000.


Jody and Jamie Ward to Elmer and Danielle Brown, home on Columbia Street; $40,000.


Jess and Kristy Milhoan to Gary and Susan Blythe, home on state Route 517; $104,500.

Lonnie Getz to Privalte Capital Fund (foreclosure), home on Maple Street; $14,000.

Middleton Township

McPherson Farm to Barnard Smith Land Co., home and property on state Route 154; $420,000.

Haley Reese to Ray and Martha McComas, 15 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $37,500.

Perry Township

Joshua and Lindsay Herlinger to Sean Ryan, home and 2 acres on Stewart Road; $265,000.


Gary Schnorrenberg to Harry Edwards, condominium on Maple Street; $82,000.

John Sweet Jr., et al, to David Wonner, et al, home on Southeast Boulevard; $75,000.

MRF Ohio One LLC to Andesite Residential Opportunity, home on Stewart Avenue; $23,182.

Salem Township

County Sheriff (David Hicks) to Christina Trust Loan Servicing, home on Crestview Road; $71,000.

St. Clair Township

Jerry Hoppel to D. Glenn Hoppel, home on Bell School Road; $80,000.

Washington Township

Susan Brown to Anthony Brown, manufactured home and 2 acres on Hazel Run Road; $16,000.

West Township

Delmar Hardy to Ronnie Curfman, 2.9 acres and shed on state Route 172; $28,000.


LISBON – In Columbiana County Municipal Court Friday Robert W. Boston, 55, state Route 154, New Waterford, was fined $375, sentenced three days jail, placed on two years probation and had his driver’s license suspended 180 days for OVI and obstructed license.

Rick J. Willis Jr., 24, Spring Street, Salineville, theft case bound over to the Columbiana County Common Pleas Court. Willis is charged with allegedly using a company fuel card to sell gas at a discounted rate for which he was not entitled to, in excess of $5,000.

Joshua D. Clarkson, 38, Johnson Place, Wellsville, was fined $60 for speeding and seat belt. A Sept. 16 pretrial was set for driving under child support suspension charge.

James J. Conrad, 36, Montrose Street, East Liverpool, was fined $250, placed on two years probation and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension.

John R. Yadie Jr., 60, West Main Street, East Palestine, was fined $20 for speeding.

Shawn Tremain, 22, McGeehan Road, Lisbon, was fined $280, placed on one year probation and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension and seat belt.

Jennifer Austin, 38, West State Street, Salem, was fined $100 for barking dog.

Marvin W. Harsch, 25, Franklin Avenue, Salem, was fined $800, sentenced 25 days jail, placed on two years probation, required 30 hours community service and had his driver’s license suspended six months for driving under suspension/restriction, possession of drug abuse instrument, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct.

Joshua L. Bable, 33, North Front Street, Negley, burglary case bound over to the Columbiana County Common Pleas Court.

Jeffrey G. Adams, 51, Pritchard Avenue, Lisbon, was fined $50 for school zone.

Andrew Duko, 23, Continental Drive, Salem, was fined $30 for turn signal. Driving under suspension charge dismissed. A Nov. 4 probation violation was set for driving under child support suspension and improper registration.

A Sept. 11 pretrial was set for Melanie K. Wood, 33, Wellsville, charged with endangering children.

A Sept. 29 status conference was set for Phillip A. Litchfield, 38, Hart Avenue, Minerva, charged with aggravated menacing.

A Sept. 16 pretrial was set for Jerry W. Castelucci Jr., 23, North Main Street, Columbiana, charged with OVI second offense.

A Jan. 27 review hearing was set for Thomas E. Trieff, 19, Jefferson Avenue, Salem, charged with underage consumption.

An Aug. 25 pretrial was set for Matthew Reichard Reich, 23, Lewisville, North Carolina, charged with speeding.

An Aug. 7 pretrial was set for Marcus Allen Vincent, 24, state Route 45, Lisbon, charged with domestic violence.

A Sept. 29 pretrial was set for Lawrence R. Keats, 56, Scotts Mill Road, Negley, charged with OVI first offense.

A Sept. 23 pretrial was set for Christine M. Connolly, 47, Youngstown, charged with speeding.

An Aug. 28 pretrial was set for Angela M. Mullett, 49, West Fourth Street, Salem, charged with disorderly conduct.

A Sept. 4 pretrial was set for Robert L. Hays, 24, West Chestnut Street, Lisbon, charged with driving under FRA suspension.

A Sept. 16 pretrial was set for Lewis D. Almy, 24, Steubenville Pike, Lisbon, charged with OVI third offense, driving under FRA suspension, failure to control and seat belt.

An Aug. 7 pretrial was set for Laura C. Blake, 47, East Third Street, Salem, charged with disorderly conduct.


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