–Bobbie Joe Fisher, Walnut Ridge Road, Salineville, reported at 9:09 a.m. Wednesday she went to a Tomahawk Drive home to get her son. There were people inside, but they would not come to the door. She wanted a deputy to go with her to the residence and was told deputies would not get involved until she signs a missing person’s report. Lt. Allan Young later went to pick up Fisher, who was picked up on a warrant by Salem police. She signed the missing person’s report regarding her son and was taken to the county jail on the warrant.

— Deputies responded to a state Route 45 address in Salem Township, where a Saline Propane Truck was on the hillside facing the road with the front bumper in the ditch at 11:37 a.m. Wednesday. The truck was driven by Frankie Eugene Wade, Salineville Road, Salineville, and owner Mark Eisenhart was also there. Eisenhart said there had been a leak, but they were able to shut off the main valve of the tank to stop it. Wade and his assistant, Howard Bott, told deputies they had just finished delivering at the mobile home at the top of a hill and while they were still outside the truck it began moving backward down the driveway. Tracks in the snow indicated the tires had been moving and not sliding backwards. The truck traveled backwards about 100 feet and then forward about 200 feet through a yard and over an embankment on the west side of state Route 45, tearing up several shrubs along the way.

— Deputies assisted at a home on Duquesne Street, Columbiana, after a medical button was pushed and Columbiana EMS was getting no answer and could not get in, even though they could see the man and he appeared to be having a medical problem. Deputies called the man’s son, who said his father was fine and did not need an ambulance.