Center Township

James Wooding to Jeanne Scanlon, manufactured home on Beacon Light Road; $20,000.


Jack Erath, et al, to Stanley and Carol Crosser, home on Timberline Drive; $212,500.

East Liverpool

Charles Montgomery, et al, to Amy Lacey, home on Oakwood Avenue; $16,350.

Marshall Rentals to St. Clair Apartments LLC, 26-unit apartment complex and house on St. Clair Avenue; $750,000.

Charles and Carma Talbott to Dale Post, home on Globe Street; $35,000.

Wallover enterprises to 1032 Pennsylvania LLC, commercial/office building on Pennsylvania Avenue; $44,000.

East Palestine

Kristine Thompson to Amber Broadwater, home on Alice Street; $77,000.

Wayne Walker to Cassie Barson, home on East North Avenue; $76,000.

Elkrun Township

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition to Randy and Sarah Muschweck, home on state Route 7; $8,500.

James Moffett Jr., et al, to James Raley, et al, manufactured home and 1.3 acres on Lusk Lock Road; $2,000.

Hanover Township

Norman and Sandra Knoedler to Eric and Karen Knoedler, 0.1 acre lot on Lakeview Street; $30,000.

Nicholas Paparodis to Charles Richmond, home on Teegarden Road; $152,500.

Russell Williams, et al, to Rebecca Diroll, vacant residential property Beech Street; $2,000.

Knox Township

Helen Rogers to Advanta IRA Services, home on Margaret Lane; $60,000.


Norma Schrock to Tonya Emrick, home on Ridge Street; $59,500.

Jonathan and Kay Nicholson to James and Tammy Maynard, home on Pearl Street; $25,000.


Carol Armstrong to Zachary Paxson, retail property (former Motor Cycle Dream Shop) on South Market Street; $92,500.

Zachary Paxson to TP PA#1 LLC, former Motorcycle Dream Shop building on South Market Street; $140,000.

Madison Township

Cynthia Cramer to Randy and Sara Muschweck, easement for 3.3 acres on McCormick Run Road; $60,000.

Middleton Township

Terri Centric to Tammy Sheets, manufactured home on Carbon Hill Road; $14,000.


Reed Votaw to Sean Jackson, home on Euclid Street; $64,000.

Lester Carlisle to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Park Avenue; $34,000.

Rodney Herron and George Istocki to George Istocki, cafe/bar (Euro Gyros) on West State Street; $80,000.

Tonia Gerber to Rockbar LLC, restaurant (former Side Door) on South Broadway Avenue; $132,000.

C I Ohio Ltd. to Melanie Sturgell, home at 1208 Cleveland St.; $73,000.

Salem Township

Jonco Consulting to Craig Santini and Tammy Harvey, home on Salem Grange Road; $50,000.

St. Clair Township

Tom Coplin to Jonathan Kerchofer, home on Martha Street; $99,000.

Michael and Vicki Bock to Mark and Jacqueline Graleski, 6.8 acres on Cannons Mill Road; $28,500.

Joshua and Janet Stanley, trustees, to Jay and Chelsea Cargnel, home on Bell School Road; $180,500.

Unity Township

Chad Tallman to Mithcell Rambo and Alexa Thumm, home on North Market Street; $109,500.

Washington Township

James Lough to Susan Lough, et al, partial interest in 8.8 acres on state Route 39; $5,500.

Wayne Township

Steven and Debra Mays to Michael and Holly Frick, 9.2 acres on state Route 518; $50,000.


Dale and Mary Thiryacre to Christopher McGonigal, home on 21st Street; $45,000.

Mississippi Lime Co. to Wellsville Terminal, property with tool shed on Main Street; $21,700.