— A vehicle with Willie L. Curry, 32, Youngstown, riding as the passenger was pulled over on Sprucevale Road, for a cracked windshield violation. Curry ran from deputies as they attempted to pat him down and he was taken to the ground after a brief struggle. Curry had a loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol found hidden in his groin area.

–Donald Williamson, Homeworth Road, Alliance, reported at 7:37 a.m. Wednesday someone entered his vehicles overnight. There was assorted change and a $25 prepaid BP card removed from the 1997 Mustang, which had the door window pulled out far enough to reach in and unlock it. The Ford Explorer had been unlocked and someone took assorted changes as well as both a large black duffel bag and a small black duffel bag with “Cabbella’s” on the side of it. The bags contained soccer equipment and officiating uniforms. Looking around the neighborhood, Williamson located several drivers’ licenses and a credit card laying in the yard. Deputies will attempt to return them to the proper owners.

–Lawrence Kelly, U.S. Route 62, Alliance, reported at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday someone entered his garage and pickup overnight. A small amount of change was taken from the truck. Kelly found the remains of a 12-pack of beer, small hand tools, a folding chair, a roll bag with a tent and a light near the tree line — all items which had been in his garage and had been moved.

— Dallas Mansell, the owner of the property in Unity where the Road House used to be, reported at 2:42 p.m. Tuesday he had left his 2013 Ram 2500 pickup parked there overnight and found both the driver’s and passenger’s side windows were smashed out, along with a crack in the windshield.

— Deputies were asked to check on a 2-year-old boy at a Clarkson Road home in Elkrun Township at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. The child appeared to be clean and healthy.

— Mark Pyles, Hartley Road, Beloit, reported at 12:22 p.m. Tuesday he recently bought the house and he believes the former owner has been watching them. On Tuesday, Pyles left for a few hours and when he returned both his mailbox and the mailbox of the neighbor were knocked off the posts and laying on the ground.

— Tom Lemasters, Malone Road, Salineville, reported at 12:36 p.m. Tuesday he was driving truck out of the area and his father called him to say his brother and father saw someone they know on Lemasters’ property on Monday. They confronted the person and he left. Then Lemasters went to the house on Tuesday morning and found the 5 horsepower mini bike, which had been in the backyard, was missing. The bike is valued at $400.