–Rachel Noviski, 24, reported Tuesday her ex-boyfriend took her vehicle, but she was told that could not be done since she let him use her vehicle. Noviski called the next day to say her ex-boyfriend also has the phone she gave him and she wants it back. The phone company will give her a new one but she needs a stolen phone report first.

–Deputies were asked to check on the well being of a resident on state Route 39, Washington Township, at 3:35 p.m. Wednesday. An ambulance met the deputy at the residence and examined the woman and then they left.

–Marilyn Koopmans, Justison Road, Middleton Township, reported Wednesday being harassed by someone she knows. She was advised how to obtain a protection order.

–Alyssa Smith reported Wednesday the father of their daughter is keeping the daughter’s clothing when she returns from visiting him. Smith said it is getting frustrating since she buys all of the clothing and then he keeps it.

–A deputy checked the dead-end section of Buckeye Road, Madison Township, for a suspicious vehicle at 11:13 p.m. Tuesday. The deputy found no such vehicle.

–Heather I. Jackson, 40, of East Liverpool, called Oct. 5 to say she wanted her daughter removed from a home on Churchill Road, Elkrun Township. She called back to say her daughter had already left the premises.

–Danielle Burbick reported seeing man possibly passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle in the parking lot of the Traveler’s Hotel, state Route 45, Lisbon, at 8:05 a.m. Wednesday. The sheriff’s office did not find any such person or vehicle.

–A deputy was called to the Cox residence on state Route 170, Middleton Township, on Friday after a neighbor woman – Alonna Adkins, 18 – showed up after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. Deputies went to where Adkins had been staying and were told by those there they were in process of loading her belongings into her vehicle so she could leave when she walked off. The deputy finished helping her pack and then drove her to her father’s home in Liverpool Township.