Butler Township

Andrea Evans to Joanne Ferry, home on Winona Road; $80,000.

Center Township

Franklin Thorne Jr. to Miranda Shaw, Frola Motel on state Route 45; gift.


Joanna Grace to Rodina LLC, home on West Park Avenue; $20,000.

East Liverpool

Dennis Barker to Tom Detore, home on Spring Grove Avenue; $56,000.

Roger and Debra Sanford to Anthony and Erin Garcia, home on Grandview Street; $64,000.

Frank Thorne to Staci Shaw, home on Riley Avenue; gift.

Franklin Thorne to Justin Shaw, home on Riverview Street; gift.

East Palestine

James and Claudia Wisser to Chad and Isabella Collins, home on North Market Street; $78,000.

Jondella LLC to OHRE LLC, 4 acres on Bacon Avenue; $72,000.

Elkrun Township

Michael Bowen to Stephen and Kara Nichols, home and 55 acres on Darner Road; $182,400.

Fairfield Township

Carole Mellinger to William and Jodie Baer, 8 acres on Beeson Mill Road; $28,145.

Kevin Hough to Mike McLaughlin, home on state Route 558; $128,000.

Larry Harding to George and Gail Siembida, home and 5 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $155,100.

Louise Koehler to Tim and Terri Birnesser, home on state Route 164; $160,000.

Michael Love to Brian Chlebus, home and 11 acres on Crestview Road; $93,000.

Dan and Georgina Brown to Diane Davis, home on state Route 7; $57,200.

Hanover Township

Lawrence Williams to Lisa Gatchel, home on Votaw Drive; $100,000.

Ray and Kim Kozlowski to M D or C L M, home on Wooddale Road; $400,000.

Knox Township

Connie Albright, et al, to Layne Maris, home on Buck Road; $115,000.

Emilia Citarella to to Brian Stidham, two lots on Lake Front Drive; $10,000.

Judith Windham to Carl Whinery, trustee, et al, home on Georgetown Road; $69,500.

Philip and Melinda Bartholomae, trustees, to Theresa Flohr, home and 22 acres on Bowman Road; $315,700.


Denise and Robert MacAleese Jr. to Brock Joy, home on Sunset Drive; $123,000.

Liverpool Township

Joanne Dray to Martha Dray, home and 3 acres on Campground Road; $55,000.

Middleton Township

Diane Morgan to Kyle and Lauren Brown, home on Tomahawk Drive; $250,000.

Perry Township

Gary Eichler Jr. to Tim Gorman, home on West State Street; $23,800.

Adam Shaver to John and Sarah Karlen, home on Springdale Street; $97,500.

Douglas Bobovyik to Carrington Mortgage Services, home (sheriff’s sale) on Shamrock Arbor; $160,000.


Wendell Hamilton to Kevin Hough, home on Deming Street; $94,900.

Pauline Weingart to Antonio and Edith Papale, home on Jennings Avenue; $92,000.

Traci Flick to Channon Huffman, home on East Seventh Street; $109,000.

Richard Fawcett, et al, to Shirley Miller, home on Park Avenue; $106,900.

William and Cathy Ostarchvic to Karen Stepo, home on East 11th Street; $290,000.

Eugene Budner to Kylee Altehnof, home on Franklin Avenue; $83,000.

Susan Bush to Amanda Jackson, trustee, to home on Park Avenue; $41,300.

Salem Township

Michael Baefsky to Western Reserve Land Conservancy, home and property on Lisbon Road; $150,000.

St. Clair Township

Leslie Huggins to Robin Huggins, et al, home on Cherry Lane; $79,000.

Nola and Martin Bennett to David Snapp, home on Laredo Drive; $290,000.

Unity Township

Todd and Erik Stewart to Nicole and Jon Rettig Jr., home and 14 acres on Heck Road; $155,030.

Todd and Erik Stewart to Carl Lipp, 20 acres on Heck Road; $140,000.

Todd and Erik Stewart to Marilyn and Wilbert Geiss Jr., 10 acres on Heck Road; $60,000.

Wayne Township

Panther Enterprises to Travis MacLean, et al, 1.8 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $10,000.

West Township

Gregory Burrows, trustee, to Ashley and Heath Tooth, home on U.S. Route 30; $130,000

Yellow Creek Township

James Lawrence to Steven and Molly Rodgers, home on 18th Street Heights; $45,000.

David Adkins Jr. to Farmers National Bank, home on Nicolaus Avenue; $40,000.