County grand jury issues 33 indictments

LISBON — A Liverpool Township man accused of opening fire while police were investigating a complaint of someone threatening others in the home with a gun was among those indicted by the Common Pleas Court grand jury this week. The grand jury issued 33 indictments, including the following 14 open indictments and an additional 19 secret indictments, which will be released as they are served.

William P. Price, 59, Eighth Avenue Lacroft, East Liverpool, is charged with using weapons while intoxicated and three counts of felonious assault. On Dec. 17, Price allegedly, while intoxicated, threatened his nephew William E. Show and his wife Sunshine Show with a Savage Arms, 22-caliber rifle, which he allegedly also fired in the direction of the Shows and Patrolman Jay Cargnel.

Joshua B. Petersen, 28, last known address county jail, Lisbon, is charged with robbery, three counts of domestic violence, criminal trespassing, assault and criminal damaging. On Nov. 27, Peterson is alleged to have threatened to use force against and harmed Gail A. Peterson, while robbing her; harmed two other family members Sara J. Crawford and William G. Crawford, as well as a deputy, Sgt. Steve Walker; entered the home of Deborah Cappa, Hartley Road, Beloit; damaged a wall mounted telephone belonging to William Crawford; and interfered with his own arrest.

Morgan A. Birbeck, 38, Thompson Avenue, East Liverpool, is charged with felonious assault for allegedly stabbing Donald W. McDole, several times in the chest with a metal folding knife on Dec. 13 at Scotty’s Bar.

Shawdie A. Padilla, 30, West View Avenue, Salem, is charged with assault, harassment with a bodily substance and disorderly conduct. On Oct. 31, while intoxicated, Padilla allegedly attempted to harm Patrolman Vincent DeRose, expelled a bodily substance at Patrolman Elizabeth Perry by spitting.

Kimberly S. Reash, 57, Pine Street, Leetonia, is charged with trespass in a habitation, disorderly conduct and two counts of assault. On Nov. 29, Reash reportedly trespassed into the home of Christopher Klasic and Mincie Fluharty, Ridge Street, Leetonia, and then harmed or attempted to harm Patrolman John Hancock of the Leetonia Police Department and Patrolman Mary Kloss of the Columbiana Police Department.

Maura N. Paliani, 28, Chestnut Street, Leetonia, and Kaid David Todd, 28, last known address Chestnut Street, Leetonia, are each charged with burglary and breaking and entering. On about Oct. 8 through Oct. 11, Todd and Paliani are accused of trespassing in the home and garage of Melissa and Troy Todd, Chestnut Street, Leetonia, with the purpose of committing a theft.

Benjamin R. Phillips Jr., 43, West Fourth Street, Salem, is charged trespassing into a habitation for allegedly forcing his way into the East State Street, Salem, apartment of Kacandra Seddon on Nov. 20.

Christopher Cole Bowersock, 36, Oak Drive, Wellsville, and Wendi R. Hunley, 42, Ninth Avenue, East Liverpool, are each charged with illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs. On Dec. 1, Bowersock and Hunley both allegedly was manufacturing or had the chemicals to make methamphetamines.

Ignacio Rios, 27, Berea, is charged with vandalism and illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a specified government facility. Rios is accused of damaging a hardwired ceiling mount surveillance camera in Pod 40 of the county jail on Dec. 8 and of bring a drug of abuse into the jail on Nov. 19.

Ashley D. Cox, 29, West Main Street, New Waterford, is charged with illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a specified governmental facility for allegedly mailing a card containing strips containing buprenorphine to Rios on Nov. 19.

Robert K. Barrett, 34, West Ninth Street, East Liverpool, is charged with vandalism for allegedly damaging a hardwired ceiling mount surveillance camera in Pod 40 of the county jail on Dec. 8, by lifting Rios up so he could break the camera.

Chad E. Brewer, 36, East Lincoln Way, Lisbon, is charged with complicity to vandalism for helping Barrett to lift Rios up so he could break a camera at the jail on Dec. 8.