Butler Township

Susan Rockwell Trust to Jamie Rockwell, home and 0.9 acres on Tower Road; $115,000.

Center Townships

Monte and Betty Mackall to Grant and Amy Cope, 18 acres on Sell Road; $64,390.


Cynthia Roessler to Thomas Gorcheff and Autumn Blakeman, home on South Main Street; $112,500.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown to Jonathan Perkins, 0.1 acres on Edgewood Drive; $2,500.

Wayne Morris to Allen and Lean Jeffries, home on South West Street; $48,000.

County Sheriff (Patricia and Roger Edgell) to Jack Snyder, home on North Middle Street; $57,100.

East Liverpool

Patricia Heacock, et al, to Phillip and Mary Boehm, home on Williams Avenue; $6,000.

James and Betty Esken to Tiffany Mayfield, home on Lisbon Street; $17,100.

Tisha Haustman to Megan Costanzo, home on Anderson Boulevard; $60,600.

East Palestine

Michael Parker to Samuel Heaton III and Anissa Richeal, home on East Adams Street; $101,500.

Forrest and Rita Foeks to Dell Ferguson, manufactured home and 0.2 acres on Prospect Street; $75,500.

Elkrun Township

Robert and Dorothea Ferguson to Donna Kaiser, 9 acres on Morris Road; $45,000.

Fairfield Township

Jeremy Manke, et al, to Dale and Emily Duvall, home and 1 acre on Short Road; $15,000.

Hanover Township

Donald and Phyllis Wilson to Charles and Karla Blackburn, 0.2 acres on state Route 9; $3,000.

Knox Township

Susan Kuhaneck to Sarah Kuhaneck and Amelia Hartman, home on Wildwood Drive; $70,000.


Amy Stiffler and Monbach Investments to Amy McClish, home on Ridge Street; $12,000.


Wells Fargo Bank to Teri Bower, home on Sherman Street; $24,500.

Madison Township

Doanna Cupp and Joni Arnold to CTW Holdings LLC, 18 acres on East Liverpool Road; $75,000.

Bobby and David Alexander to, home on Alderlick Road; $50,000.

Amy and Justin Hannum to James and Melissa McCauley, home on Willow Drive; $101,850.

Middleton Township

David Kifer to Christopher Ammon, manufactured home and 6.4 acres on state Route 170; $11,998.

Perry Township

Alice Perkins to Kimberly Lanterman, condominium on Somerset Drive; $64,900.


Kevin Shaffer to Stephen Yanni, home on Depot Street; $30,000.’


Christopher and Theresa Mullins to Adam Looman, home on South Union Avenue; $30,000.

Richard Biery and Randall Cady to Dailey Homestead LLC, home on Pearce Circle; $332,750.

Salem Township

John Herbert to Dan and Susan Narbey, home and 22 acres on Industrial Road; $340,000.

Dan and Susan Narbey to Andrew and Lauren Grubbs, home and 71 acres on Eagleton Road; $470,000.

Robert and Anna McNamee to Gary Eichler, 1.3 acres on state Route 45; $20,000.

St. Clair Township

3G5 Ltd. to Anthony and Carole Waite, home at 13905 Sprucevale Road; $170,000.

3G5 Ltd. to Charles Bramel Living Trust, 4.6 acres on Sprucevale Road; $500.

John Valenty Trust to Charles Webber Jr., structure and property on Adkins Drive; $6,000.

Tim Roberts to Alan Barnes Rentals, home on Cornell Avenue; $5,000.

Washington Township

Dylan and Cristina Bach to Mike and Jennifer Flannery, home and 6 acres on McGavern Road; $200,000.

Wayne Township

Sharlyn Kieffer to Christopher Stoddard, home and 6.5 acres on Laughlin Road; $130,000.