— Thomas Lavogue, Lisbon Road, Leetonia, reported at 7:51 a.m. Thursday his neighbor’s Siberian husky came into his yard and killed three of his birds that morning. Lavogue reported the dog has been there numerous times and is a threat to chickens and birds. The neighbor’s cats also reportedly come there too causing problems. Lavogue threatened to shoot the neighbor’s animals if they come back, but deputies explained just because they are on his property does not justify shooting them. If they attack his animals, he was told he can defend them. Deputies spoke to Kyle Randolph, Longs Crossing Road, about his stepson’s dog. Randolph said the dog in question usually stays in the house, but got loose on Thursday. It was suggested the stepson should contact Lavogue about reimbursing him for the deceased fowl.

— Deputies stopped at the home of Jenna Huffman, Glasgow Road, Madison Township, at 11:57 a.m. Thursday after a complaint of horses and ponies getting out of a small pasture and roaming the neighborhood. The eight horses or ponies were all in a small, muddy pasture eating hay from round bales with a small creek running through and a shelter in the back. The livestock appeared in good health. A card was left in the door for the owner, Huffman, who called back. She said the pasture is dryer in the back of the pasture, but where she has been feeding them has gotten muddy. She was planning to change the location where they are fed.

— John Swanson reported at 8:35 a.m. Friday he owns a rental property on Churchill Road, Lisbon, and the tenant, Jacob Fisher, has been getting difficult to get the rent money from during the past few months. They recently agreed Fisher would move out and Swanson has attempted to meet with Fisher at appointed times, but Fisher always seems not to be there. Now Fisher has a new place and wanted to meet with Swanson on Saturday at the old place to get the rest of his belongings. Swanson was unavailable at that time to meet him and wanted a report on file.